1920s Flapper Makeup & Get-up

I yearning you guys enjoy this 1920s flapper inspired makeup tutorial and costume idea. Flapper dress that I found online: http://www. com/fringe_.

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  1. Amanda Amanda says:
    Where can I buy a 1920s flapper one's glad rags b put on a costume?
    I'm in MA and I stress an affordable junior size (or petite or misses size) flapper dress for a Casablanca themed party, I'd rather not buy it from a...
    priker2 says:
    I found this website here is the identify with to there address: http://www.bostoncostume.com/HoursandLocation-6.html You can find the flapper dress by putting the words in the search engine on the page and it will take you to the costumes. Have fun at the cocktail. =0)
  2. daize daize says:
    i dearth to buy a 1920s elegant dress?
    so im flourishing to a party and i need to dress in a 1920s elegant dress. I need to buy one... anyone know a specific website where i can find...
    Otilia O says:
    http://www.forever21.com/result.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=dress_dressy&product_id=2060037900&Page=all http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&list_name=dress_dressy&product_id=2058085872&Page=all...
  3. Snuggles! Snuggles! says:
    Where can I buy a 1920s styled accouter?
    I'm booming to a Charity Ball and the attire is "1920s" or simply red/black if you don't have anything fitting to the decade. I was wondering if...
    margaygrl says:
    There's a Theatre troupe called Stop Staring that makes a lot of really cute vintage dresses, their website should be a good jumping off point. You might also try going to the ABS by Allen Schwartz website, their partnership makes tons of dresses, and a lot of them are copies of famous...

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  3. Forever 21 always has a lot of well-known dresses this time a year. While I was online window shopping, I found these two 1920s inspired dresses that remind me so much of Anna Godberson’s Bright Young Things. The first dress ( Crochet Deco) reminds me so much of the BYT engulf & The second ( Iconic Fringe ...
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