Bad 80s Purple Prom Tutorial

Elect Expand For More Info Hey Everyone, This is the purple eye make-up look I came up with to wear to my spring fling with my bad 80's prom dress.

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  1. abc123love abc123love says:
    Workers with 80s prom dress?!?
    Okay im in a conduct called Footloose. And I guess there is some part that im in a prom. So since the play is 80s I need a 80s prom dress. Can you...
    CraZy BuT CuTe says:
  2. $MoneyMaker$ $MoneyMaker$ says:
    Where can I regard prom dresses in Colorado Springs?
    Appraisal doesnt really matter I'm just looking for a kind of small boutique where I can find a dress that hopefully no one else has. Thank you for the...
    lisalondon1950 says:
    Buy a origin dress online. This is the only way to guarantee nobody has the same dress as you. Here are the ones I find most beautiful:
  3. thepact thepact says:
    Where can I bring to light an 80s prom dress?
    I desperate straits an 80s prom dress for my friends bachelorette party. We are going to the 80s prom show in NYC. Anyone know where I can find one? Or...
    Jean says:
    Go to Proper Will or a vintage re-sale shop. Get out your phone directory and look under the heading of re-sale shops. Don't meet a stranger to purchase a prom dress. That is crazy dangerous!

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  1. Styleite Their So Called Prom: Adults Go '80s in Hairspray, Ruffles, and Fingerless Gloves
    After that, in perfectly 80s dress, everyone was partaking in the festivities fully, twirling to “99 Red Balloons.” Janice Herndon hit the fete with her husband instead of the gay most excellently friend who took her to the real prom in pink 1957 Chevy in '95. Of her
  2. Adult prom is back, even outdo
    A sea of puffy-sleeved '80s-form prom dresses. A gaggle of “greasers.” A girl wearing fake braces. A couple in Harley Davidson leather. Sequins everywhere.` That was the scene at survive year's “Enchantment Under the Springs” adult prom, where a sell-out 


  1. For me, when I started thought about my Prom last year, the only thing I was really concerned about, was getting a dress. Maybe that's because all I think about most days is buying dresses , or maybe it's because, despite my efforts, I had been a liiiiiittle bit brainwashed by Disney-fuelled, patria ...
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  3. Hi! So, I've figured out the way to tempo the blues, as they say. I will now pass on this precious advice to you, dear reader: whenever you're feeling down, just go buy/put on a new, pretty dress in a bright color. This is the lovely dress I got for Easter this year, and I pleasure it! I consider this my ...
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