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Heterosexual virile desire for an exceptionally attractive woman tends to be projected onto the woman herself, who is then presented as particularly lustful. This is a relatively straightforward debut of the beautiful woman as a mechanism for disaster an action that, as Ruby Blondell rightly notes, has obvious sexual overtones. The trouble with Pandora, as with all beautiful women in a patriarchal society, is that she is “more than a statue. This is one of the most powerful modern versions of a far more widespread misogynistic trope. Nana, although theoretically good-natured, is a destructive and powerful machine, the engine of the new civilization as well as the motor of Zola’s novelistic plot. She destroys every man who crosses her course before herself dying a dismal death of smallpox, portending the fall of the Second Empire. Since male desire can be experienced as mysterious, bewildering, and irresistible, the woman herself must be destructive and deceptive, perhaps possessed of magical witch-like powers. mile Zola’s gripping blockbuster Nana (1880) evokes the rise, fall, and early death of a sexy blonde teenager, a celebrity actress and desecrate, who takes all of Paris by storm. Helen, the most famous adulterous wife in the Western tradition, is figured as a woman who is constantly in this liminal splendour, and who repeatedly crosses over from one household to another: “many-manned Helen,” as Aeschylus calls her. ” The urge to objectify a desirable mistress is undermined by the acknowledgment that she might be human. Her sexual allure, figured as an irresistible scent, is in the end transformed into, or revealed as, the seeping putrefaction of the charnel quarters. The novel is part of Zola’s series on urban industrialization and its threat to traditional family life. at the same time, her capacity for power and choice only reinforces her desirability (and makes her seem all the more dangerous). She was (and is) the locus for exploring the questions of whether beautiful women are always necessarily bad, and. In ancient Greek mythology, one of the female characters who fits this combined model is Pandora, the female sent by Zeus to punish humans for Prometheus’s theft of fire and to end the Golden Age, when she opens the jar of end, pain, and other...

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  1. Ancient Greek Sandals Win Over Hollywood
    greek-sandals-660.jpg_0 Ancient Greek Sandals, is a sign up of shoes by Greek fashion designer Christina Martini. They have been praised by the New York Times, Elle and Vogue Magazine and even the Financial Times, while myriad other fashion magazines 
  2. Neos Kosmos Goddess flair, made in Greece
    "According to an Ancient Greek fiction, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers. Popular for having made the flying sandals for Hermes, the sandal 


  1. After our column about the spring-summer beauty trends ( Beauty Spring Trends Post) it's time for us to speak about something more concreteness and practical. You might don't like to buy beauty or tribulation products and you love clothes, bags and all these stuff that you can combine with your daily outfit. ...
  2. Month two of the French Attire challenge is complete! I did well this month and only bought one item, and it was an awesome necklace by Indulgems (seen in this post). So I still have 4 of my Five items up for grabs - wonder what they'll be. I'm considering using a aptitude card I won to buy these Anci ...
  3. This is a continuation of my one-time post here. Susan and I awoke at some ungodly hour of the morning in order to get our stuff together and hike back to Syntagma Square and grab a taxi. Our ultimate end was to get to a bus station and head to Delphi, but for some reason there is no direct way by ...
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  9. Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using usual techniques that have existed for centuries
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3335. Clique of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros. Parian marble. Found in the 'House of the Poseidoniastai of Beryttos' (Beirut), Dolus. Traces of colour can be made out in divers places. The nude goddess Aphrodite attempts to...
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Marble representation of Dionysis leaning on a archaistic female figure Roman, Augustan or Julio-Claudian period, 27 B.C.-A.D. 68 Customization of a Greek work of the 4th century B.C. The head is ancient but from another...
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