Lana Del Rey & Azealia Banks - Indecent Jeans (Smims & Belle Extended Remix)

~ I don't own the rights of this inexpensively. All credits is given to Smims & Belle in the making.

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  1. ʎןןǝɥs ʎןןǝɥs says:
    Where to buy Angels mark jeans online?
    I went to kohls but they didnt have them in my judge at the store. I'd think they'd be less expensive from the manufacter's website... is there an...
    Porcelain says:
    I delight angel jeans, but you should know they tear really easy... at least the ones i get from Kohl's do... One tore on the butt like 3 days after i got them, and the other tore on the knee like a span months after i got them
    Big Daddy can tell me where to buy ANGEL JEANS?
    I need to buy or order ANGEL JEANS with sparkly butterflies, if somebody knows, please where can I buy them or order them, thank you.
    lil Miss. No Name says:
    I can unrefracted you to a certain should really check out this site, its called the lil pink note book. you can comment and leave a link of a pic of the outfit or item you desire or just request a characters look and this girl called lil k will show you where to buy ...
  3. shortie shortie says:
    Angel Jeans impossible --?
    I'm 5 feet incredible (err short) and have the most difficult time buying jeans . I love jeans that are super flare-y at the bottom. I'm short and have...
    angeleyes_61906 says:
    I'm 5'3 and I Sweet the Angel jeans also.. I've gotten mine at Bealls but I dont know if the Bealls outlet has them.. heres there website: also I saw that JC Pennys had them online so they should have some in the stores also. Good luck

Shenmue – discovering the Sega leading 14 years too late - The Guardian

It has a assets of inspirational gameplay elements and a level of envelopment quite unrivalled for its time. It was brave, immense, brilliant … but admittedly, until just the other week, I’d on no account played it. I’d owned it for a while, but it had never made the perilous journey from "cupboard full of games" to "front room littered with consoles". There are albums you’re allegedly not able to live without, and movies that you just have to see before you die. There is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and Super Mario Bros. Released in 1999, commander Yu Suzuki’s open-world adventure Shenmue is certainly among these influential essentials. In games, however, the notion of classic rank is a little harder to pin down. Released in 1999, this vast and ambitious game sees young hero Ryo Hazuki seeking get even for on gangland overlord, Lan Di, for the murder of his father. Because for a while there, I was totally at one with its world. Concluding Shenmue for the first time, 15 years after its introduction on Sega’s swansong console, the Dreamcast, I can understand why vociferous fans. The word "classic" is used – and abused – in many ways by pop taste pundits. It also had a gigantic development price tag. Yet, there are games that resonate with a definite timelessness, games that nobody should pass up the opportunity to truckle to, which aren’t defined by graphics, peripheral interfaces or topical relevance. (See also: the original Half-Life, and please don’t hate me for that. As a assemble of entertainment, of expression, of art even, games are much more closely tied to the march of technological progress than any other medium. Games that set the rules for others to develop, that establish precedents seen across today’s scene. What begins as revolutionary can often become routine mere days after its Metascore is arranged. At the time of its release, it was said to have cost Sega a close-to-company-breaking $70m. In 2011, Suzuki revised the personage, claiming the original Shenmue ran up costs of $47m in development and marketing. Either way, it was the most expensive game ever made to that relevancy, and couldn’t hope to recoup its expenditure – every Dreamcast owner would have had to buy two copies for Sega to get back into the black.

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  1. Liverpool Echo Nicola Roberts joins stars on the red carpet at Gabrielle's Merry
    Liverpudlian pop starlet Nicola Roberts looked calm in green at last night's Gabrielle's Gala fundraiser for the Gabrielle's Angel Foundation in London. The Girls Aloud chorister showed off her trademark red hair in a floor sweeping dress and simple 
  2. The cops, community and calendar briefs for May 7, 2014
    The man, who in some images was wearing a kingly blue shirt with a fish image on the back and light blue jeans, then went to the pool area and checked the door there. The next part of the video shows the man, who officials say has tattoos on his Nautical port



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Photo by wallyg on Flickr

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Photoscape Froom 2008~2010
Photo by forevernday on Flickr

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