Updated Slim/Baggy/Pinched Jeans Collection Of August 2013 :)

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Questions & answers

  1. Brocktherock Brocktherock says:
    Where can i buy Baggy Jeans?
    im virile, age 20, and i know we have a generation of teens who sag skinny jeans, but since anchor blues disappeared, i cant find anyone who carries...
    Epix says:
    levis set aside is baggy jean heaven for ule
  2. JP reppin that 813 Tampaa JP reppin that 813 Tampaa says:
    Where can I buy baggy jeans?
    Jeans that dont look gaunt on me but fit well Im a guy btw
    Feral♥ says:
    DON'T buy baggy jeans. it's not chic, looks ridiculous and frankly i'm sick of seeing them everywhere.
  3. Asker Asker says:
    Where I can buy baggy jeans online?
    I call for one for giving it to my best friend on Christmas.I live in Florida.I need one to be good,and also cheep:between 20 and 50dollars.She wants...
    Abelard says:
    You can buy baggy jeans just about anywhere. American Eagle, Old Naval forces and The Gap have some great baggy styles this season.

Victoria Beckham's Skirt Trammel = Your New Outfit-Updater - LOOK

Attaching her chunky metal colleague to her left hip, VB gave her billowing black shift dress and fitted jacket combo instant edge and proved gold chains can look without a doubt chic with the right outfit and a little thinking outside-the-box. The 40-year-old fashionista sported her signature all-black stock of clothing to Michelle Obama's ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts over the weekend, but gave it a apt SS14 update with the... Victoria Beckham has taken a leaf out of hubby David Beckham 's fashionable book for once by pinching his latest it-confederate and using it as her own. We predict an army of street stylers recreating Victoria's chainmail hip candy (because what VB says, goes) before you know it. Hop on the trend before everyone else does. We're reach-me-down to seeing chunky chains adorning necks, bags and skater boys' bum-skimming baggy jeans, but never as a sophisticated partner for a pencil skirt. We not under any condition thought we'd see the day. We've seen Becks rocking a trouser chain for a while now, with the handsome dad-of-four regularly roughing up his off-duty staples of jeans and a tee with a low-slung gold or sterling pocket chain. And don't forget to rate and review. Got a tablet. You can now download LOOK magazine straight on your iPhone, iPad , Kindle (just search the warehouse for ‘LOOK magazine’), Nook or Zinio. And it looks like VB's been inspired.

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  1. Hollywood Life Jennifer Lopez Goes From Done Up To Dressed Down In 1 Day
    The songstress traded her over-the-knee boots for baggy jeans, showing off two wholly different outfits in one day. Which look do you prefer on the hot mama? Her dressed down date night style or her sizzling look on stage? Jennifer Lopez showed up to 
  2. Daily Mail Occupy Philipps keeps it casual in baggy boyfriend jeans for relaxing day of ...
    Unpremeditated day: Busy Philipps enjoyed some retail therapy in Hollywood on Friday. Letting her skin breathe, the Cougar Town star allowed her real beauty to shine for the sun-filled afternoon while staying comfy in baggy boyfriend jeans with the cuffs



  1. The earliest known use of the compromise concerning “Throwback Thursday” was in 2006, when Saxton Moore used it in the title of a series of his retro cartoons, which he posted on his blog (probably on a Thursday). In January 2011, Instagram introduced hashtags, which I admittedly still don’t from the word go understand. B ...
  2. Hey folks! We are having a bustling spring?! How 'bout you? Here is a brief look at what has been going on around here. Our tulips have finally bloomed! The usually bloom around April 23 (is it weird that I be familiar with that?), but due to the cold temps this year, they finally bloomed yesterday. And we are so h ...
  3. Article By Gabriel Weil Closet Essentials It has been said that a man always looks his best in jeans and a t-shirt, and that everything else is a game (one we all love to play). So on that note, shall we get serious about our tees? A garment that started off as strictly underwear, developed into w ...
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He looks kinda minor. Must be the jeans. Or the perspective. Or both.
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