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  1. vixxen vixxen says:
    Does my daughter's godmother have to buy her another bedeck for baptism?
    My daughter's godmother bought my daughter a garb two years ago, but she never got baptized. We are finally baptizing her and the dress no longer...
    LolaCorolla says:
    You should buy the clothe. Her godmother already met her obligations two years ago.
  2. Jahpson Jahpson says:
    What do you do with your allying dress years after being married?
    i was cleaning out my closet this over and done with weekend, and found my wedding dress. Although the dress is still beautiful and in good condition, i highly...
    kiendu says:
    I don't actually know if people would buy it. I wouldn't. I'd want my own dress, that no one ever wore before. I also assumed my daughters would want their own, something they picked out themselves. I had my wedding dress made into a baptismal gown for our children. It was...
  3. Britt Britt says:
    Sell for more to have dresses made or bought?
    A acquaintance of mine is designing bridesmaids dresses for my wedding (well, planned in the future). She was interested and I gave her the go ahead (She...
    Butterflies says:
    It costs more to buy them made than affluent to a fabric store and buying the fabric and have someone make them. I speak from experience, for my daughters baptism I was looking around for dresses, and the ones I liked where super expensive, my relative didn't mind (being the...

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  1. Columbus Dispatch Easter baptism brings new beginning for restricted man
    About two dozen church members were on disposal for the baptisms yesterday. While the men dressed in suits and the women wore dresses and hats, Tolliver and Ballard were garbed in white. At the end of the service, they walked behind the pulpit as the cluster 
  2. Yale Daily News Children With Playthings
    By the previously she knots the ribbons on my dress around my waist, locks the door, and we're walking down the dusty road, I'm cursing Jeannie to H-E-double L hockey sticks. Jeannie's first place birthday, Jeannie's baptism, Jeannie's first boo-boo. Then, on


  1. Murmur. (Happy sigh.) It feels good to sit down at the computer to relieve my brain of thoughts, and the hard drive of pictures. It's been way too long since I've logged into Blogger--longer than eternally before. And I've had mixed feelings about being away. The pro's? Not worrying about chronicling my li ...
  2. It's been a while since I survive posted on this blog. I admit it, I am terrible at updating the english version, although I write very frequently on the greek one. Anyway, I have to make a start :) The poorly has been awful... It's raining all day long, it's very cold and we are staying inside the ho ...
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