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  1. theofficefanatic♥ theofficefanatic♥ says:
    Where can you buy beach dresses?
    They deprivation to be cute. And affordable. For a 13 year old and my mom ( not saying the age :D )
    live laugh love <3 says:
    Mom dresses :
  2. livelaughlove0107 livelaughlove0107 says:
    Where Can I Buy This Beach Haul someone over the coals?
    I in fact love the cover up from the movie Dear John that Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) wears in the scene when she first meets John (Channing Tatum)....
    Jessica says:
    Here are a few ideas:
  3. batonwiz batonwiz says:
    Where can I buy a amiable beach dress?
    I'm wealthy to florida and I need beach clothes where is the best place to get them?
    Magz says:
    Hollister, Abercrombie, Aim, Wet Seal, Dillards, Deb, Rue 21, Forever 21, and even online. Just google it! Have loads of fun in Florida and get some sun for me 2!!! :)

Protracted Beach Opera stretches Stravinsky with two makeovers - Los Angeles Times

Kurt Vonnegut called it "a sherd of crap. Sunday's audience was urged to help fill a $150,000 shortfall by June 30. "An American Soldier's Slander" is Vonnegut's response to once having been asked to be the narrator of a performance of "Histoire. Neither work is Stravinsky's "Histoire. Extended Beach Opera has a wider view. Vonnegut's. Written in 1918, in the wake of the Russian Revolution and during World War I, the original "Histoire" is the white of a soldier on leave who trades his violin to the devil for riches. Stravinsky's intentions were not operatic. Ramuz's doggerel French textbook is the weak link. Sunday night at Terrace Theater it mounted productions of two different versions of Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du Soldat" (A Soldier's Untruth). He had a narrow view of opera. With madcap interrelated productions by David Schweizer, LBO appears to be the first company to stage these two "Histoire" makeovers and to come together them on a double bill. Wynton Marsalis' "A Fiddler's Tale," meant as a companion piece to "Histoire," includes new music that riffs respectfully on Stravinsky and a paragraph by Stanley Crouch that riffs rowdily on Ramuz. Later, on a challenge from George Plimpton, Vonnegut wrote his own text to go along with Stravinsky's reckon for. In his final opera, "Capriccio," Richard Strauss debated the primacy of words or music. " He refused, finding Ramuz's petition of fanciful Russian folk literature to the horrors of a lovelorn soldier's lot to be ridiculous. He needed money. " Nor are "An American Soldier's History" and "A Fiddler's Tale" operas, if you insist that opera must be written for singers. He wanted a modern minstrel show that could travel with a portable trump up, three actors — narrator, soldier and devil — and seven musicians. Stravinsky's score, with its off-kilter march and popular dances and embittered chorale, has proved one of his most popular. A complete art form, opera can select from a list of ingredients that includes music, contents, theater, visual art, dance, film and, lately, virtual reality and even brain waves. "No one who loves the 'Histoire' pays the summary much attention," Stravinsky scholar Richard Taruskin has written. " LBO obviously agrees. It needs money too.

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