Where Do You Buy Your Pants/Clothes!?

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  1. McCann McCann says:
    How to Buy Bike Shorts?
    Lisa says:
    Upon how much you want to spend. Bike shorts range in price from $20 to $80; more expensive shorts will fit better, breathe better and last longer. Consider the number of panels. Shabby shorts generally have four panels, while the best shorts generally have eight, which will...
  2. Radu Radu says:
    Buying freeride bike ?!?
    Hi, Im enchanting in buying a freeride bike.I saw this one at a nearby store:scott voltage fr30.I want to use it for high jumps,dropoffs and...
    Ride!Urban says:
    It's a all right bike. A friend has one and loves it...he bought it from a guy and both of them can throw down, and did. I think he replaced the fork with an 888 and ruined the cranks but the bike is fine and going strong. Take a look at what Modification has, too...better bang...
  3. Joshua Joshua says:
    Underwear under bike shorts?
    My son joined a new bike club decisive month and this club's uniforms are white.  After picking him up from his first event I realized how see through...
    AntDU says:
    Unsullied bike shorts are horrible. Get these, http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?sitesrc=uslp&l=shop,search,searchList-spandex#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-362046 You are going to trouble a longer short as to not chafe the area. If he tries underwear or even a thong, it will...

Bellwether Optime Elite CS Kit

If the bibs don't brook good on my shoulders and around my "special purpose", I probably won't wear them. Typical lower end kits are comprised of a couple of fabrics. The mix of fabrics used are designed to keep the body cooler, keep harmful UV rays from seeping into the body and to wick moisture away from the fullness while giving muscle compression to various muscle groups. I was immediately drawn to how the edges remained soft at the stitching and provided no unrefined edges to contact the skin. My initial impression when I pulled the bibs out of the box was how soft the material felt. The straps were a vented enmesh, but smooth and supple with flat-locked seams. However, as a cyclist I want to know how the technology relates to everyday use. Please maintain in mind your purpose of use for any jersey and bib combo. So, I will try to explain how all of this engineering relates to you and me. I believe the bib is the most important part of the kit as it will see constant press on the bike and movement throughout the ride. What I found was a modern looking bib and jersey combo. I tore open each package so I could quickly inspect each garment. both garments I reviewed consist of multiple second to none in harmony materials throughout. Casual riders may want to check out one of the other available lines at Bellwether. The mesh continued throughout the straps to the back of the bibs. I had an chance to ride with the kit over several rides to see for myself if the adjectives used to describe these garments really do them justice. So when the FedEx box showed up, I couldn't resist cracking it unfurl for a peek. On my first ride, I noticed how cooling it was as sweat wasn't pooling around my backside. meaning it is very assiduous to the skin and becomes a part of the rider. Additionally, what each of these fabrics do separately is quite scientific. Bellwether calls it the Optime Elite CS formulate and is of their highest technological research and design. The nice folks over at Bellwether were gracious enough to provide me their top end jersey and bib combo for testing. Let me earliest start off by saying that there are some very technical components to the makeup of the bibs and especially the jersey.

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  4. How to Buy Bike Shorts. Bike shorts will make restitution for you much more comfortable on your bike - especially on longer rides.
  5. Discover great deals on eBay for women bike shorts and womens bike shorts leggings. Shop with confidence.
  6. Light upon bicycle shorts from a vast selection of Men's Clothing on eBay!
  7. How to Buy Bike Shorts. Bike shorts will make peace you much more comfortable on your bike - especially on longer rides.
  8. View great deals on eBay for women bike shorts and womens bike shorts leggings. Shop with confidence.
  9. Unearth bicycle shorts from a vast selection of Men's Clothing on eBay!

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