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  1. SheSellsSeaShell SheSellsSeaShell says:
    Outfit for "Black Tie" wedding?
    Hello each. My cousin is getting married on Sunday and is having a "black tie" wedding. Being that I am sort of a tomboy, I am picky with...
    cucumber316 says:
    As a rule black tie events call for long dresses, but since you're young I feel as if you can pull it off. I see people wear short dresses to formal events all the time. If you do wear a short dress, clear the way sure it is classy and not risqué(not too short or revealing) so it...
  2. FizzySoda FizzySoda says:
    Black tie and cocktail dresses?
    Hi all, I have been invited to a dinner at labour for which we were handed an invitation stating the dress code to be Black tie for men and cocktail...
    Can't Have it Both Ways says:
    I concoct the person dictating the dress code is making an obvious mistake. If even a poor woman like me knows that black tie is more formal than cocktail dresses, that person is stupid and highfalutin. He or she is causing a lot of second guessing and money wasting among the...
  3. LISA D LISA D says:
    Recognize where I can buy a cheap dress online for a formal or black tie event?
    Although, I don't prerequisite it to LOOK cheap! If you've seen a specific dress that you think is nice, can you tell me a link or website.
    says: is a terrific website for online dress shopping. They have quality dresses to fit your budget. Here are some classic black tie/formal dresses: $148.00 Look perfectly glamorous in an old Hollywood way in this...

Ian Eats STL: Another St. Louis overlook at the James Beard Awards -

Some thoughts about the awards. The chefs who reach the finals in each ranking have been winnowed down from the group of 20 (and sometimes even more) semifinalists, and those semifinalists were drawn from a pool of hundreds of candidates. exclusive featuring reviews, restaurant guides and more from Column-Dispatch restaurant critic Ian Froeb. I can't discuss much of the committee's business, but for Monday's awards know that I was but one of (potentially) several hundred judges fit to vote for “Best Chef: Midwest” and the other categories, and I didn't know the winners until each... As you likely know by now, St. Louis must respite another year to claim its first James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef award. I take a more pragmatic view. Louis boosters, a fifth mademoiselle for Craft is tough to accept. Justin Aprahamian of the Milwaukee restaurant Sanford won “Best Chef: Midwest” Monday at the awards festivity — and was it ever a gala, with a black-tie dress code and a red-carpet entrance — beating out five-time nominee Gerard Craft of Position and... The 2013 “Best Chef: Midwest,” Colby Garrelts of Bluestem in Kansas City, won on his seventh try. The temptation to swindle it personally is strong, and if you're inclined to delve into the Kremlinology of the awards, rooting out conspiracies against certain chefs or in favor of others, I'm steadfast there are food writers who will oblige you. Sometimes a chef wins a Beard Award his or her first year on the ballot. This year saw Daniel Patterson of San Francisco's Coi , which holds two Michelin stars and just cracked the In every way's 50 Best Restaurants list, win on his sixth attempt. (If you're wondering, this was Aprahamian's third nomination. Whoever wins, odds are he or she is an damned talented chef running an excellent restaurant. Most chefs, though, must wait. • I believe St. Louis' time will come. • Basic, a necessary disclaimer: I sit on the foundation's Restaurant and Chef Awards Committee.

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  1. Black Tie? How About Black Mouse Ears?
    While long ago invitations simply stated “casual” or “black tie,” today's couples are stipulating a wide range of demanding and often-confusing berate codes — think “mountain elegant,” “cowboy couture” and “cocktail grunge.” Others go into elaborate detail
  2. Daily Mail Amy Adams dresses the to all intents at Time's black tie gala event in New York
    And the fabulous award-winning actress certainly dressed the part for the black-tie event. Scroll down for video. Looking glam! Amy Adams stunned crowds at the On occasion 100 Gala the Time 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Tuesday in New York.


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  2. Before we get in too abyssal, there are a couple of things you need to know about last night’s Met Gala: 1) The theme was “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” - a celebration of the plotter known for big, structured dresses. So I’ll just go ahead and check my bias against ball gowns at the door. A theme is ...
  3. I haven't done a the rage industry event round up in a long time but since this post was requested, and I happened to have a lot of opinions bubbling up inside me with no means of release, here is a round up from last nights Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Apparel Institute Gala. Last year the theme was ...
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