OOTD : Thrifted Blue Tights/Leggings

I wore my "newest" blue patterned tights from my most just out "Goodwill Goodies" haul. Everything I am wearing is either previously enjoyed or purchased dirt.

Questions & answers

  1. :/ :/ says:
    does anyone separate where i can buy blue ankle length leggings?
    Nadine says:
    You could in all likelihood buy them at American Apparel you can also buy them at Target.
  2. Oh Oh says:
    Where can I buy two-bit bright blue leggings in stores?
    I've tried Forever 21, Rue 21, and Wet Seal and I can't find the uprightness right side kind of blue like these:...
    Michael says:
    ebay ...you would get the leggings of your choosing and you could get them really cheap !
  3. Audrina <3 Audrina <3 says:
    Where can i buy ashen or navy blue leggings?
    For under $15. I don't exceptional the $25 Abercrombie and Hollister ones! I can't seem to find them anywhere. I can order them online also if you give me...
    fireflie says:
    i wouldn't get unsullied leggings, they don't look good and white makes your (not in particular in general) legs look fat

Concert Review: Ledisi Proves She's "The Correctness" At The Beacon Theatre - VH1

We do all kinds of things for the well-being of love, so I thought almost nothing of the brisk and rainy weather I braved on Wednesday to see Ledisi perform at the Beacon Arena in New York City. And so just like that , the show was elevated and transformed from not just an entertaining concert (well worth the price of admission), but a platform for sharing, connecting and teaching. After a ridiculously dexterous wardrobe change, Ledisi returned to the stage decked out in black leather-look leggings and matching black motorcycle jacket replete with silvery chains for her third song, “Rock With You. But as she shared during her show, it has taken some serious trials, and serious time, for her to get there. Ledisi shared that for her, “the ‘Actuality’ means not having to explain who you are… It feels good, feels free. We were witnessing the same Ledisi we’ve always adored, only bolder and better. From the moment she strutted onto the acting to perform the single “That Good Good” off her seventh album, The Truth , Ledisi showcased an undeniable confidence and vibrancy that lit up the Very light for the entire evening. ” We all went to that free and good place with Ledisi as she performed some of the songs that have earned her an ever-growing legion of fans throughout her 15-year job- “Higher Than This”, “Goin’ Thru Changes”, “Stay. It was wonderful to see actress Sheryl Lee Ralph , spiritual mistress Iyanla Vanzant , Essence Editor-At-Large Mikki Taylor , and BET Networks Chairman and CEO Debra Lee show their support of Ledisi by way of a video in which they each shared their... The ”Truly” theme for the night -and the 29-city tour- was solidified with her second song “Bravo,” featuring the lyrics: See it’s the same pretty miss with a brand new style/Same Ledisi but she ain’t walkin’ she flying/A new day making big moves. ” As Ledisi danced, at one point even flipping her wordy locs back and forth with reckless abandon and loads of bravado, it was clear that Ledisi was in love with life - and also with herself. Ledisi made it onto my radar at an advanced hour in the game, but it’s been a love at first listen ever since.
Source: www.vh1.com

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  1. Missing 12-year-old miss found safe
    Conway is 12 years old, approximately 4 feet 8 inches huge and 87 pounds, with blue/green eyes and shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail. Conway was last seen wearing coal-black leggings, tennis shoes and a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt.
  2. Has Clarendon had one too multifarious? (Bar crawls, that is.)
    “She wears Uggs and North Pan and leggings no matter what the weather is.” He looks around at the bar crawlers, who are diverse in age and ethnicity but share a common blue bracelet and yellow cup. “Then there's the people in between who don't identify 

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  1. Fit out codes: Where should schools set limits?
    They’re called leggings — conventional fashion items that are tight-fitting ... the best way to handle the dress code dilemma is to mandate uniforms, such as the blue pants and white shirts frayed by Chicago Public Schools students. “It puts everyone ...


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