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  1. Lauren Baby Lauren Baby says:
    I demand to buy a wedding dress, any suggestions?
    I would like it to be uncluttered but nice. My wedding is going to be a Pagan Handfasting, so I would love something hippie-ish and natural. But I would...
    spoony says:
    If you have a larger budget, break out these sights: http://www.getconscious.com/ http://www.threadheadcreations.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=bridal...
  2. cats are puurfect cats are puurfect says:
    Boarder to a Wedding Dress HELP (nasty gal, free people, urban outfitters)?
    Im invited to a hugely elegant wedding, I have no idea where should I buy my dress.. I usually buy my clothes at stores such as free people, Im very...
    Medi says:
    i suggest something like zara, something not too artistic, but still look chic. free people have nice dresses you could wear to an wedding, you dont have to be the most elegant one there, but not look the opposite either. here are two dresses which i think could work....
  3. Autumn Autumn says:
    Which chew out should I pick?
    I am getting married done and we are having a shag in May. (In case this is a Northern Canadian thing, a shag is a big party we put on where people...
    Liz says:
    The ultimate one is absolutely stunning! Not sure about Northern Canadian weather but it seems like a dress that will keeps you both cool and warm at the same time! The crotchet design is deeply stylish, practical but also formal at the same time! You'll look great in that dress!...

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  1. Racked National Kate Moss x Topshop Contains a Boho-Better Wedding Dress
    While the factual inspiration is intended to reflect "Kate's love for the Balearic Islands," it carries the spirit of her Galliano wedding garb from 2011, considering the boho-shape, triangular details and lace overlay. The look comes in both a floor
  2. E! Online Gwen Stefani's and Kate Moss' Wedding Dresses Are on Pageantry at a London ...
    When Kate married guitarist Jamie Hince in 2011, her sequined gown (270,000 sequins, to be faithful) started a boho-chic wedding dress trend. Another famous, boundary-pushing wedding dress on display is Dita Von Teese's bright purple Vivienne Westwood 


  1. Buy Cubicle from Flipkart.com Celebrity wedding dress exhibition: Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Dita Von Teese and more Kate Moss , Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese — these are just some of the eminence brides whose wedding dresses have gone on display at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Each gown ...
  2. The Stiff-Street Bride’s Guide author Samantha Birch on how saying ‘I do’ affected getting to ‘The End’ I'm thrilled to have the beautiful and uber talented Samantha Birth visiting Threadbare Pages today, with a blog post every bride to be should read! (And pretty much anyone who has ever gotten marrie ...
  3. Generously hello there brides of Britain! We’ve been neglecting this blog of late, but with the 2014 wedding season well and truly underway we have some exciting dates for the diary for 2014 and 2015 brides-to-be… CLAIRE PETTIBONE Deviser WEEKEND: 6TH-8TH JUNE 2014 Claire Pettibone in New York Blackburn ...
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