Remy Strap Hair Extensions

I am a unswerving customer for Medusa Australia and believe their customers are their first priority. The hair extensions were purchased with my own money.

Questions & answers

  1. Ayiiia Ayiiia says:
    How to section out a bra? Help please!?
    I accidentally bought a bra that was a take the measure of too small for me. I'm not talking about the cups, I'm talking about the part that hooks together. How...
    dfnhfgmyufl,ui/og'i says:
    either buy a bra extender, or do what i did, You'll requirement the following - old bra - safety pin Cut out the hook part of your bra. And with the safety pin, attach it onto your old bra, - you...
  2. says:
    Breadth HELP!!!!!!!!!?
    i just bought 16-18 inch extensions that are coming in two weeks. i was wondering if your apex determines how long the extensions are and if it...
    Jelly says:
    i'm 5"3 and i have 18" extensions and goes put on my bra line. If thats too long for you, you can always trim it to the length you want it to be.
  3. ♥y♥ ♥y♥ says:
    How much are 24 inch braids extensions and where would they land on me?
    I'm five-eight and I have cloudy brown hair (: my hair is to my shoulders but I don't like it. So how much are they at sallys, and yes I have...
    Raven Maven says:
    The expense really depends...the price can range from $15 to upwards of $300. It really depends on what kind of extensions you buy and the quality of those extensions. The most expensive extensions are human hair with teeny to no processing (called "virgin" hair), whereas the...
  4. Anna Anna says:
    Any personal property extension shops in NYC?
    I finish in North Jersey, and I'm looking to buy some clip in extensions. My hair is already long (bra-strap length), but I'd like it to be down to...
    Charli says:
    I'm steadfast the city has an over flowing amount of places to look and it is definitely the smartest route to get them in person, I think about just wigs I've bought for follow when it doesn't matter and how much of a untidiness they can be, I wouldn't risk it! I have friends that use...

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  1. This recap was a illiberal daunting to write because over the weekend of All-con, I was Hana Li the burlesque dancer, Hana Li the cosplayer, and Muggle me. I'm trying to move away from my third identity when I'm doing a show or panel, but transitions transcribe time. Originally I was only going to focus on b ...
  2. I am three weeks prop surgery and feeling GREAT! Swelling has gone down tremendously now.... I don't think I have any swelling unless I have been laying down for awhile and even then, it goes down within minutes. I have dropped into my proportional position and now just waiting on them to form their new ...
  3. Is manufacture your thing? Or do you have a real lack of style? In either case, there is always something new to learn, especially when styles change with the seasons. Keep reading for smart fashion tips for Dick. An easy way to keep hair off your neck and shoulders is to do a casual up-do. Use this ...
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