Nursing bra conversion tutorial

All supplies can be purchased undeviatingly from me via paypal $5. 00. All purchases include written inst. This is my conversion of a standard bra to a nursing bra.

Questions & answers

  1. thatlaurengirl thatlaurengirl says:
    Where to buy bras with fa hook?
    Just peculiar as to where you can buy them. And I don't mean ones with those really thick bands in front to close. I mean like, a small clasp....
    SydneeCG says:,31,style,34.htm...
  2. d*sexy d*sexy says:
    BRA hooks??
    i am a 34C all of my bras have 2 hooks in the back and i just bought a new bra and i fancy the way it fits....its actually my favorite but it only...
    AngryCat says:
    I have C too (timely we!) and I have a couple of one-hooked bras. I can tell you that it is perfectly OK, a quality of a bra depends on a quality of a fabric. If it normal a bra will last long, if not... However I haven't noticed that my 1-holder bras streatch any faster then...
  3. Justice Girl Justice Girl says:
    What Bra rate do i wear???
    My bust is 31 inches and my fullest circa my breast by the nipples is 30 inches.
    PowerShot G10 says:
    What Area Bra to Buy ? A girl might feel shy about her growing breasts and not want other people talking about them, looking at them, and measuring them. But it's wise for a girl to get measured so she knows her correct bra size. The women who profession in the bra departments of...
  4. Alexis Warner Alexis Warner says:
    Can't discover the correct bra size?
    Foremost off I'm 14 (1 month til 15) 100 lbs and 5'1" Every time I get measured for a bra they say I'm a 32A, but when i go in, I'm wearing a 36B and...
    Rock `N` Roll says:
    On occasion bra's can be horrible to find. Especially when finding your size. First go and get a soft, measure tape. Like the ones they use to measure you. It will help if you own one, I do. That way you can measure yourself before your period and after and see a discrepancy....

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  1. More than a third of British women know they wear the wrong size bra but do it anyway - to make their boobs look bigger!
    More than a third of British women knowingly wear - or even intentionally buy - the wrong size bra. Research has revealed 37 per cent of Brits intentionally wear ill-fitting underwear, compared to 29 per cent globally. Reasons include wanting an extra ...
  2. Q&A: The Women Trying to Revolutionize Bra Sizing
    So when you’re buying a bra you should always be wearing it on the very loosest hooks, so that as the bra stretches you can tighten it. When you buy a bra in a store, you’ve been wearing your old bra for a year and it’s probably kind of stretched out ...
  3. How to Stuff Your Bra When You’re a Grown-Ass Woman
    As a tween, I stuffed my bra on a near-daily basis. Today, I don’t even bother with a “real” bra (the kind with cups and wires and hook closures) unless I am planning to stuff it. This happens two or three times a year, most recently when a man I ...


  1. Here’s the bra to copy the Mix 30 underwear I made recently. (Underwear post here!) I’m pretty excited about this set as it’s so colourful and fun. I rarely buy lingerie in colours, especially when there are contrasting panels as it always shows from head to foot. But when you sew your own, you don’t have to ...
  2. US Relatives Guide provided me with this opportunity and we received this product free from The Coobie Store to facilitate this review. I just bought a bra since it was on sale and it was name brand. I didn't pest trying it on because it was so cheap and in my size. I got it home and put it on the ne ...
  3. It’s about to get sexual. Keeping it PG-13, at least in my opinion, I bared it all for the sake of lace and high waisted undies. Intimates look so much better on body than flat, amirite? For varied sewers, making a jacket is a defining moment in their career. It says, “I have arrived as a stitcher.” ...
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