How to bulk swimwear cup sizes

Instructional video about the censure way to measure bra size when purchasing swimwear.

Questions & answers

  1. Molly Molly says:
    A value to buy plus size swimwear with underwire in Salem/Portland?
    I difficulty a store to shop for swimwear (preferably with underwire) for plus sizes. I don't want to order them online because I'm really picky and...
    Jenny says:
    I am not secure about the area but you search for these stores in your area. Lane Bryant Land's End Catherine's silhouettes My mom shops at all those stores and is constantly showing me swim suits in there catalogs. These are all stores the mainly vend plus size clothing....
  2. Karmen Karmen says:
    Where can I buy swimsuits for an unequal bra size?
    I am a 32 DDD and basic swimsuits for the summer. I can't really wear a one piece because it will fit the top, but then be super baggy around the...
    Asdf says:
    As a 28FF, I desire your pain here- hit that size at 16 and was out of luck in the bathing suit department! I couldn't bear to be seen in a granny-style beach getup so I put up with the usual string halter bikini and neck depress that came with it. Large cup swimwear has come a...
  3. says:
    Where in Southern California can you buy specialty bra sizes?
    I come to pass to be little in the middle with a large (natural) chest. I'm a 32DD and it seems to me almost no where sells decently prices bras in that...
    ♥Let The Fire Burn The Ice♥ says:
    I don't electrified there but I can give you some links to some websites:
  4. Emily S Emily S says:
    Where can I finger bra-sized swimwear?
    I am a 34F, so Victoria's Hidden doesn't make cup sizes that big, and Lane Bryant is too big all over. I want a sexy bikini, but I can't seem to...
    Melissa says:
    Go to It is a extraordinary place to buy bigger bras and bathing suits. It only takes a week to get it and you can return it if it doesn't fit. I order from there all the time. They even have a site that helps you find the right measurements. And yes, there is a size F!! I...

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    Nowadays you can buy swimsuits by cup rate, like a bra. A high neckline will provide extra coverage on top, which helps to avoid the issue of too much cleavage. For women who worry about their tummies, Ms. Van Damme says some bathing suits now come 
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  1. I as a rule have trouble finding a one piece swimsuit that fits me well because (generally) my top half is smaller than my bottom half. I usually have to buy a two piece swimsuit so I can get a size XS top and a bulk Medium bottom. Apparently whatever was supposed to be located in my bosom, went direc ...
  2. Sentosa Bikini Album Gauzy Bikini Several females tend to believe that they can not wear a sheer bikini, but that is just not the situation. Whether it really is a sheer micro bikini or a sheer thong bikini, females of any guise or dimension can make sheer panties operate for them as long as they ha ...
  3. If you are looking for a true place to buy swimwear, I highly recommend Hapari. Not only do they have the latest styles and colors, they have swimwear in many sizes. I chose the Mango Mudd Sport Tankini Top. It it is beautiful brown and mango orange colored floral motif. The Plus Size Mango Mudd S ...
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