How to Train of thought Bra Straps Through a Plastic Adjuster : Bra Basics

For ever try on a dress and find out the back is total. Super cute DIY convertible bra straps that you can swap around and wear with any backless top and dresses.

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  1. BuffyKid BuffyKid says:
    (Ladies!) Problem about bras?
    This is a bit of a odd question, but does anyone else have problems with bra straps constantly falling down. I have this all day every day! I...
    i usto have the same predicament .. you have to buy a bra strap holder .. this is the one i bought it worked SOOO well :) hope this helps --->
  2. redshorty71 redshorty71 says:
    Im always having this muddle....?
    My bra straps memorialize sliding down my shoulders. My bra fits right around and in the busts but for some reason everyone I buy the straps fall down....
    you can try one of these products: finger=aps&hvadid=17790066511&ref=pd_sl_70wxlxn24r_b i know walmart sells the clear one in a different brand
  3. Picture Imperfect. Picture Imperfect. says:
    Why don't incursion-up bras work as well for me as they do for others?
    I bore a 32C, but I can also fit into a 34B or a 34C depending on the bra. I find that other people look really great in push-up bras, but I really...
    Tazzler says:
    I had the same stew when i first started buying push ups. You know your boobs are big enough so youre not sure why its not working, right? im also the same size as you. First you have to look for ones with alot of padding on them. Try in on before you buy it and pinch sure...
  4. Ashley Mandy Mariee Ashley Mandy Mariee says:
    how to rig the over the cold-shoulder boulder holder ?
    im turning 21 on friday!!! yay me and i just bought this charming top its a black halter kinda ribbed in the front and it has a low back the halter...
    Crazy Horse says:
    I memories they sold bras that can be changed up in different ways. Check out a large name brand department store and see if they carry them. The undergarment ladies will usually serve you pick one out that's the right fit and everything. Make sure you find one that matches...

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  1. At square footage 50L, the world's largest strapless bra: New underwear will allow ...
    The Surely Close bra costs between £24 and £30 and is available in sizes up to 50L, making it the world's largest without straps. Bust a move: The In contrast with many other large underwear items, the Naturally Close bra is made of sheer fabric and uses
  2. Unbelievable's largest strapless bra goes on sale
    A new bra which is the sphere's largest without straps has hit the shops just in time for summer. "In the UK women often accept that a bigger bust means circumscribed lingerie options and more often than not, rather less alluring 'boulder-holders'", she said.
  3. Voices: Cleavage war leaves spoonful to the imagination
    If you do a Google search for "bigger cleavage," you get 28,800,000 websites. On the Right away upon a time there were only a few bra choices — wire/wireless, lace/no lace, straps/strapless — but today's women are going where no women dared go before
  4. The Nightmares Of Bra Shopping As A Unpretentious-Chested Woman
    A-AA cup-sized bras were. The pretty woman cocked her head to the side, a bit confused, before recovering and racing through the infinite racks of over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. I was the Freulein in fourth grade whose bra strap all the boys


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Photo by CG Intimates on Flickr

Photo by CG Intimates on Flickr