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  1. G2daD2daU2daDoubleNNE!!!!!!!!!!! G2daD2daU2daDoubleNNE!!!!!!!!!!! says:
    what should I do about bridal underwear?
    My associating dress has arrived! I am going for a fitting in August, so I need to buy underwear and shoes. I dont know whether to wear a bra or not?...
    truefirstedition says:
    It absolutely depends on your size and your gown. If you have a corset-back gown that can be tightly laced around your body and you have a small bust, you may not need anything underneath, or your seamstress may be clever to sew cups into the bodice of the gown. If you are bigger...
  2. kd0284 kd0284 says:
    Bridal Sprinkle gift help?
    My soul mate is having her bridal shower tomorrow and I still have no clue what to get. Someone told me it is all getting underwear and things for the...
    Christina V says:
    yourselves, PERSONALLY, i think it is odd for anyone to give....underwear and things to a bride. only my mother did this, because i tried it on and she knew i liked it. but buying something like that for another person is so...hit or miss, you know what i miserly? you do not know...
  3. Shannon Shannon says:
    What was YOUR David's Bridal endure?
    Did you buy a dress from DB? How did you like the character service? The dress? Any other comments or concerns? And post pics of your dress if you...
    Dream Big says:
    I flatten in love with one of their dresses online so I bought it. I took it in to buy the right underwear for it and ended up getting it altered there. I probably paid too much for the alterations but whatever, at least I know it will be done honest. Every time I have gone in...
  4. Jana Jana says:
    Is it impound to buy thongs/lacy underwear for a friend's bridal shower?
    She's a cloth friend of mine, and the invitation specified lingerie. She's a difficult size on top so I was afraid to buy a nightie/top.
    BBG says:
    If it's a women-only overflow, yes. However, if she's a difficult size I suggest a Victoria's Secret gift card or something similar so that she can choose something that works for her. That being said, soliciting gifts especially in an invitation is the summit of tackiness and...

Here Comes the Bride: Bridal Lingerie

The amount of endeavour they go through to make the perfect wedding. I can't believe it was two years ago that I got engaged - time has gone so fast. Church and reception booked, dresses bought and tie organised, it is finally time to focus on the more intimate details of the wedding and todays focus is bridal lingerie. There are many factors to estimate when choosing bridal lingerie - the style of underwear you like, the comfort of the underwear and how it will look beneath your wedding dress. I kept finding myself in situations with my friends asking questions about 'union favours' or 'buttonholes' and thinking what on earth are they talking about. Planning our wedding has been challenging to say the least, but with everything finally settling into flourish I'm now seeing the fun side to it all. After following and talking about to the brand on Twitter, I was introduced to one of the co-owners Louise who kindly sent me Sara Soft Corset to review. On at the start glance at their website, the initial image did not really sell it to me and the quality did not look that great. There is everything a blushing bride could stand in want and plenty of underwear for those who are not getting married just yet. I now have a lot of admiration for wedding planners. With all those memories so clearly in my mind, it is hard to believe that it was all two years ago and now, in just five months nonetheless I will be walking down the aisle and saying I do to the man I love. When I got engaged, I did not realise how much planning wen t into a wedding. The weather was beautiful and it was my 21st birthday, it was the most right on timing to pop the question. Without giving away too many details, I don't really wear much 'sexy lingerie' as my partner doesn't see the point in it - he whips it off before he has even clasped eyes on it. Therefore I roughly settle for a pair of frilly french style... The thought of choosing my bridal underwear is a nightmare. Admittedly it was something I gave wee thought about until the dress shop mentioned it. Whilst browsing online I came across the website Bridalicious ( affiliation *) and fell in love with their affordable and extensive range of lingerie.

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  1. Ladies, would you risk wear white?
    be the high point of bad taste to wear to a wedding, Vogue has just opined that after Cara Delevingne and Pippa Middleton both wore white as bridesmaids to their sisters, the deem can be relaxed. And that's before we even get started on the underwear
  2. Knack Wedding Advice from the Stylish Ladies of BHLDN
    Like anything URBN Inc.-backed, the set goes well beyond the expected white dresses—which fall reasonably from $500 to $2,000—with a holistic approach to merchandising, offering lingerie, function décor, even gifts. . I begged my parents to
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    If you're looking for a unusual dress to wear for a wedding or any other swanky event this summer, you just can't go wrong at the Shoshanna sample sale, which started yesterday and runs from 10am to 5pm today. When you enter on, you'll be greeted with
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    While some of these games listed below could be considered ways for people to get to understand each other, get basic and go around the room, asking guests to introduce themselves and explaining how they know the bride-to-be. Here are 15 games you can play
  5. Zivame unveils excusive profit sized bra line Penny Goddess
    Zivame, India's head online lingerie store, features over 2000 lingerie styles to choose from: bridal lingerie, plus size lingerie, every day survive, shapewear, active wear, nightwear and swimwear for women. The collection is from the top national and 



  1. I don't large spend my time even going to bridal showers. Lots of questions get asked of me at those events usually. Being as old as I am in my religion and not married yet is a bit out of culture. I get questions like, "So when are you going to yoke the ranks of the married?" or "So who is your ...
  2. This Calvin Klein bra is the Customized Advance Sexy Contour Bra which memory foam cups give a beautiful contour shape and ensure ultimate comfort The Evie Bridal Strapless Bra by Panache Superbra is convenient now from Simply Beach Underwear for only £24.00. Click below to buy or to see more images.
  3. Women in China today have opportunities to exhibit themselves in ways that were unthinkable a generation ago. This runs not only from the clothes they wear and ways they style their hair, but also including the many elements of accessorized femininity, all of which were basically unavailable 30 year ...
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  9. Research an exclusive range of Bridal Panties & other types of Panties at Pretty Secrets, India’s trendiest online lingerie store.
pink roses cake cupcakes bridalshower underwear lingerie marshmallow corset fondant stays
Topper for the gateau done for a cousin's "underwear" theme bridal shower... experimenting with a whole bunch of things - marshmallow fondant, where one lives stress made cupcake liners, petal dust, airbrush, THICK 6"...
Photo by Wicked LIttle Cake Company on Flickr

weddinglingerie bridalunderwear weddingcorsets weddingunderwearstraplessweddingunderwearstraplessweddingcorset
Diva nuptials corset
Photo by AdoreWeddingsGallery on Flickr