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Running Shoe Review: Brooks PureFlow 2 - (blog)

It takes a while to aware that the shoe has a split toe box. When you’re ready to run, they’re as ready to go with you as a frisky new puppy. (The owners of this shoe will learn that you do not need to untie the laces at the end of a run. The lacing is asymmetric for security and the laces stay tied. The shoe airs out on its own. The Brooks PureFlow 2 is a recovery shoe. During the first few blocks of jogging in the PureFlow 2, it feels like you’re running in a bedroom slipper. That’s seven pads up face, one that protects the central foot area, and two pads in the heel area. It does not appear that the design of the split heel pads, which sit uniquely be likened to to each other, will be sufficient to protect the heel, but it works. The rest day shoes are worn on the days you’re cutting back your mileage, running slower, and wearing heavier, preservative shoes. The PureFlow 2 has a minimalist 4mm heel drop, which can quickly turn heel strikers into mid-foot landing runners. These shoes tend to be lighter ones. The shoe feels accelerated on sidewalks although the flat sole can make it a bit slippery on concrete. The feel is quite a bit like a shoe designed for triathlon runners, with a adjacent fit in the rear and mid-foot but with a wide toe box. The pads provide for a smooth landing, although the low heel drop means that the role of the heel is minimized compared to runs in a routine running shoe. The shoe gets noticed for its striking appearance and they generate comments. The PureFlow 2 arrives with 10 cushioning pads on its solitary in a unique 7-1-2 pattern. There are rest day running shoes and recovery day running shoes. A number of minimalist shoes make for very good trail runners and that’s the box with this shoe from Brooks. The shoe weighs 8. 8 ounces but, once on, it feels more like 10 ounces due to the MoGo midsole’s bolster-y feeling. I received a pair of these shoes from Brooks in the anthracite, green gecko, and black color scheme. Although this is a neutral shoe, its low profile provides tenacity which is enhanced by a flared-out sole. Recovery day shoes allow you to cut loose, run long and fast. One person has noted that the shoe loses gripping power on wet asphalt and concrete.

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