I went shopping at the Niagara Falls Exit Mall in Ontario, Canada. I am SORRY for the flying CAT HAIR, it always seems to appear in my videos.

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  1. Leaudra Sarver Leaudra Sarver says:
    Where to buy a camouflage prom tell off?
    I'm looking for a camo prom adorn in the western NY area, preferably near buffalo. Also if anyone knows where to rent a camo tux that'd be great!
    Blonde Moi says:
    I found some online... http://camoformal.com/formal-dresses.html http://accumulate.realtree.com/camo-homecoming-and-prom-dress.html http://www.camodivas.com/dresses-and-tops.html I absolutely love these dresses... I'm tempted to wear them to my own Prom......
  2. redneckdeerhunter redneckdeerhunter says:
    Camouflage prom camouflage?
    does anyone be sure where I can have a Camo prom dress made?? or where can i buy one?? and the camo i want is the real camo like realtree hardwoods...
    Veronica Y says:
    Camoformal.com has some dresses. More than I have seen other places.
  3. sam! sam! says:
    where can i tumble to camouflage clothing?
    im a 16 and its for basketball because we have event and at school we dress up differently and camouflage is one of them. Where can i find some...
    You can buy camouflage clothing from http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=camouflage&tag=new-deals-20&sign=apparel&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325...

St Lucia spa is so stunning and luxurious that you'll feel like royalty - Mirror.co.uk

Eight handsome dining options are part of the deal too – including my personal favourite, a Japanese restaurant where they cook up a meal of teriyaki salmon and noodles in fa of you on large grills. We were standing on Point Hardy, the most northerly position on the island. Those looking for something more authentically Caribbean should perception to the Pitons – a rustic, open-air restaurant with ocean views serving up traditionally St Lucian. Despite the bumpy ride, my girlfriend and I found it an enticing detour to our stay at Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa in Castries, in the north-west of St Lucia. It’s on the edge of the Cap Estate – dubbed the Beverly Hills of St Lucia. Struggling to put down the small two-seater vehicle, I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the tour guide leading our small convoy. Other dining options embrace a high-end French restaurant offering classic dishes. It felt like a lifetime as we climbed the twisting, turning roads. And unbefitting as, stretching as far as the eye could see, were the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the luscious foliage of this unspoilt Caribbean island. Like all Sandals hotels, it’s all-comprising. Then we emerged on a cliff top… and the challenging journey suddenly seemed worth it. As we climbed out of the buggies, we were met by a cool, inviting breeze. The buggy gull was organised by local tour group Island Routes Caribbean Adventures, who have a great programme of excursions which can bring added adrenaline to a simple laid-back holiday. It’s one of the three Sandals properties on the island and is set in a 220-acre estate along a half-mile demi-lune-shaped beach. Except Sandals call it “Luxury Included”. Aside from our two-hour buggy journey through palm-tree-lined beaches and the Cactus Valley, they tender cycling through waterfalls on mountain bikes, exploring beaches on Segways and zooming through some of the island’s dense rainforest on zip-wires. As I steered the off-course buggy through sharp bends and over tough terrain, my relaxing break in St Lucia suddenly felt anything but.

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  1. Prom Approach 2014: Hollywood glam, bling and a bit of camouflage
    It's prom edible, and Marie Adornato, owner of Spybaby and Off The Rack, said this year is one of the best for prom looks. The ladies are moving away from risqué looks, like dresses with cutouts. In preference to they favor illusion necklines that allow for a
  2. Louisiana players bags big bucks with camo fashions
    From here to Canada, as far as New Zealand and the Netherlands, brides and grooms, prom queens and their dates are draping themselves in smart camouflage outfits sewn by this small local company that has built a big online presence and a winning 


  1. Splish Splodge I was taking a bath In the Mediterranean sea,dancing to the waves For I quit my tees,to the bumble of bees In search of humor and color Along the coast When I skip my heroine,to the lager of beer Oh I have come so far,What What do I wear Those sunshiny new colors,and oh so pretty dress I ...
  2. NEW YORK • Maria Giorno has nothing against crave gowns with high waists and flowing fabric — dresses that are designed to camouflage curves on plus-size women. But the New Jersey high school senior had no interest in buying a let go with-fitting style for her senior prom, even though it was all she could ...
  3. Hey Ladies -- Start is here! Are you ready to break out the fun, new fashions and put away the bulky coats, heavy boots and layers and layers of clothes? Well before you get all excited and run outside in the latest and season's greatest, let's type sure you are ready to wear it and wear it well! P ...
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