Fervent Session, Leanne - My Baby (Kenny Carpenter Splash Mix)

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  1. says:
    Having make uncomfortable buying jeans?
    All good. I am a guy, who is 135 pounds, and my height is 5"11..... My girlfriend(I broke up with her 2 months ago) used to buy all of my jeans...
    Pinkpanther712 says:
    wholly since no one answered this question yet, i figure ill give it a shot well in my opinion, the right jeans fit around the waist, but with a little bit of "breathing room". Meaning that its just loose enough for a casual sagging import (usually you can wear a belt to hold...
  2. e1343647474 e1343647474 says:
    All high-mindedness I am a guy, I am 135 pounds and 5'11" I haven't bought my own jeans in over 2 years...My girlfriend(we broke up 2 months ago), used to...
    Danni says:
    mmkay. look at the measure jeans you have , go to any store and look for that size and you could ask for help:] try pacsun and hollister , abercrombie , aeropostale , any store:] http://shop.pacsun.com/denim/rincon-unmodified/index.cat...
    At sea about Jeans. Help?
    As you may have noticed I am a boy (sanguinely) and I have never owned a pair of jeans. I really want some but I am getting really confused because...
    keith dudemeister says:
    carpenter jeans all the way. but dont get them too unfathomable blue. run the pair through the wash a few times and you should be good to go. and whatever you do, do not get those pre-ripped kind

Missing Irishman found gravely injured five days after morning drinking session - The Age

His friends said they asked Westpac to see whether his accounts had been accessed and called the Irish embassy to ask for further enquiry. It was a bizarre and almost fatal end to an early morning drinking session. A friend, Joe O. It is believed Mr O'Sullivan, 33, was trying to secure his way to the Easts Leagues Club on Saturday morning following a drinking session with his brother, Johnnie, but somehow ended up on the seventh base of the neighbouring East Tower commercial... Friends and family criticised the police investigation, suggesting officers initially fobbed off the missing persons piece as "just another drunk Irishman" and took days to properly investigate. Half naked, lying in a pool of blood, severely dehydrated and agony serious head and spinal injuries, Irishman Donal O'Sullivan was found in the emergency stairwell of an office block on Wednesday incessantly, five days after leaving the Tea Gardens... Mr O'Sullivan's sister and brother-in-law flew out from Ireland and hundreds of friends spread flyers and organised every night searches from the Cock'n'Bull Hotel, just metres from where Mr O'Sullivan was lying close to death. On Thursday night, they held a vigil at St Patrick's Bondi parish. As the cops scoured CCTV footage on Thursday to work out how the strange sequence of events unfolded, Mr O'Sullivan had two rounds of brain surgery and remained in St Vincent's Medical centre's intensive care unit in a critical but stable condition. Johnnie went to the police on Sunday evening and said the disappearance was from start to finish out of character for his brother, a carpenter and pipe layer from County Clare who had been living in Australia for two years. Johnnie told The Irish Reflect he had called police every day but they were "very slow in responding". Police released an appeal for information on Wednesday afternoon and accessed bank accounts and phone records on Tuesday. A sweetheart, Gavin Anderson, said: "They didn't take it very seriously, there were remarks about his nationality. "We didn't hear anything," East Pagoda body corporate manager Robert Goodsell said.

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  1. The Age Missing Irishman found sincerely injured five days after morning drinking session
    Through a small gap, he saw a man's legs with a pair of jeans down to his thighs and called police. "We didn't hear anything," East Keep body corporate manager Robert Goodsell said. "If there was any Johnnie went to the police on Sunday evening
  2. Daily Mail Emma Roberts goes on West Hollywood shopping revel after discussing Aunt ...
    Emma Roberts crowded up on goods from Victoria's Secret, Eggy, and Juice Served Here in West Hollywood on Wednesday. The 23-year-old starlet - who was born in 1991 - rocked a 1984 T-shirt, dark skinny jeans, and Rodarte snakeskin booties.



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Camponotus ligniperda (Forêt d'Olonne, Vendée - France)
Photo by Jean-Jacques Boujot on Flickr

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Venus, Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Forebode-Museum Berlin It was a kind of lucky shot. I was visiting the freshly renovated Bode Museum in Berlin. When I passed the redoubtable staircase the setting sun just hit the marble...
Photo by Novowyr on Flickr

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