Guy Modeling Gallo Mens Boxer Briefs Underwear - Lined

This video is a guy modeling a matched set of Gallo mens boxer briefs underwear that was purchased in the airport in Rome, Italy.

Questions & answers

  1. says:
    Whats the most artistically underwear to buy?
    im a guy but im not certain what type of underwear to wear because im 15 and i dont know if i should start wearing mens underwear section already any...
    Wesley says:
    It's absolutely personal preference, but I wear boxer briefs. You can spend what you want to depending on what brand or 'designer' you use, but generally I wear the Hanes tagless comfortsoft cotton boxer briefs, and they are noteworthy. If I am exercising, I use the Champion C9 that...
  2. badass60617 badass60617 says:
    Compression underwear?
    Upstanding cheap compresion shorts.....What should they made of ? how long should they be? With normal underwear i get rashed i need compression...
    Adam W says:
    You may not beggary "compression" underwear, just something of a similar material. Compression clothing is designed to do just that, compress the muscles. Often it is recommended for medical reasons related to muscle issues. Try looking for substantial that is Dri-Fit (or any...
  3. scarface92 scarface92 says:
    Where can I buy the underwear that Michael Essien is wearing under the Chelsea shorts in this prototype?
    mangerdog says:
  4. hippielover hippielover says:
    Penury Help? Wanna buy some tie dye clothes?
    I hankering to buy tie dye clothes and no I don't wanna make them cos I'm busy. So I wondering if any of these stores sell tie dye clothes or "hippie"...
    Many Stars says:
    Are you for palpable? None of those stores would sell tie dye. You need to go to a handmade craft store or look online. All those stores you listed are either yuppy designer stores or little kid "tough" skater stores. Lol Burberry? You've got to be kidding me !

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