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From Göring to Hemingway, via Coco Chanel – the pessimistic glamour of the Paris ... -

He went rogue, delightful a small band of fighters to try and kill some Germans, and then to commandeer the Ritz. In Midnight in Paris , Woody Allen did a good job of showing how asinine it is to be obsessed by previous generations who’ve passed through Paris. The mission almost killed him and a darkroom error meant only 11 pictures survived. The American scientist tasked with monitoring Germany’s atomic research set himself up there, and the German men who tried to kill Hitler made their plans over cocktails. It gives Mazzeo a strong cast of characters to line with. Mazzeo is perhaps a little too gentle with him, but it may only seem so because she calls him by his preferred nickname, Papa. Hemingway was too interested in his own legend to make a sure war correspondent. His macho excesses are rather compelling and his alcoholic gun-slinging seems to have worked on Marlene Dietrich and Simone de Beauvoir, amid many others. Focusing on the hotel is partly a device to write about the German occupation, but it’s mainly a way of gathering all the old Paris icons under one roof. Most of them ended up being hanged by piano wire from core hooks: ‘Hitler and his intimate circle watched filmed recordings of the executions in the evenings with grisly pleasure. Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway, Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel all drank cocktails there, and no one comes out of it prosperously. Tilar Mazzeo, who has written biographies of Coco Chanel and the woman behind Veuve Clicquot, has done a similar service with this CV of the Ritz. The Swiss-owned Ritz stayed neutral during the war, so the Germans took all the rooms on one side, allowing business to go on as usual through another entrance. As well as journalists, duchesses and celebrities, the bar was a good meeting place for spies and conspirators. Mazzeo says in the prologue that when she was researching. Other journalists had superior wars and they provide some of the most memorable parts of the book: Hemingway’s wife Martha Gellhorn was one of the first journalists into Dachau concentration camp-site, and her description is quoted sparingly and powerfully.

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    with gold chains and layered with a mate of semi-sheer black tights featuring an intriguing chain-mail appliqué. She finished off the faux-precious look with a twins of strappy sandals, matching Chanel purse, and a two-tone flannel tied around her


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