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  1. pink_martini4me pink_martini4me says:
    where do you buy clubbing accouter?
    I'm looking for erotic, cute dress for clubbing in las vegas. I don't want something slutty or too cheap. I want something that's good quality and...
    olive o says:
    Have a look in hight in someone's bailiwick shops such as French Connection, Topshop or Miss selfridge
  2. chiamaka e chiamaka e says:
    Where can i buy good party/club dresses for relatively cheap?
    what sites can i go to to buy dirty party dresses like 115 kinda on a budget!
    Tony says:
    You can buy flirtatious party dresses for cheap from
  3. Shenny Kaplan Shenny Kaplan says:
    Where Can I buy Cheap Ice-Skating Dresses for 11year olds in the uk?
    icicles says:
    I always bought a heath velvet dress in my ice rink shop for about £40 then bling it up with sequins which really sparkle on ice. Another idea is to buy one on ebay from U.K. There are lots of U.K sellers with on line shops selling cheap, lyrical dresses. Also, if your rink has...

All those years ago ... From the pages of the Auburn Paper, May 7 and 14, 1964 - Auburn Journal

… In above moreover to $201,050, the club will receive approximately $35,000 interest. A blue ribbon delegation of government officials and supporters of the huge. The $426,000,000 Auburn Dam-Folsom South Canal Hurl – which will pay for itself within 50 years after construction is started – took a giant step toward reality this week. They saw a 280-acre part – three times larger than the present one – which features a smooth-flowing traffic pattern, ground level and roof up to date on on-site parking, at least one major department store, specialty shops featuring durable goods... A panel formed of school personnel and the board of trustees to review J. D. Salinger’s embattled book, “Catcher in the Rye,” ruled Tuesday night at a semi-monthly meeting that the volume will not be banned at Placer High School. The committee members also stated in the final decision, however, that the book will not be required reading. It may be placed in the added reading library of the English department or for supervised circulation in the regular library. No ban on ‘Catcher’ rules committee. Auburn Ski Club is awarded $201,050. A preferred court jury ruled last Friday that the state of California must pay $201,050 to the Auburn Ski Club for taking 65. 8 acres of the nonprofit assembling’s property at Cisco Grove. Auburn Dam project gets big boost during hearings. How will Auburn look in year 2000. Big apple gets peek. A professional planner’s peek at what Auburn’s central business district might look like in the year 2000 was laid before the half-awed, half-startled eyes of burg council members and planning commissioners this week. … A few years ago the State Division of Highways helped itself to the acreage so that the new Interstate 80 could be put utterly. The jurors deliberated more than 12 hours on both Thursday and Friday before announcing their decision to Superior Judge Leland J. Propp. These and multitudinous other things will be vital to Auburn’s economy in the year 2000 when the city has a minimum population of 15,000 and when it caters to a trading tract of more than 100,000 persons in a county of 300,000 persons.

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  1. Vegas Seven Here's The whole A Girl Could Ever Want to Know About Free Drinks
    Let's say I'm a positively hot chick and I just landed in Las Vegas—what do I need to know/do/wear to get myself some free drinks in a major club? Any presentable-looking Unless you look shrewd in a dress, you're probably out of luck. If you know
  2. (blog) Our Weekly Concert Picks: May 7–May 13
    Songster Lana Del Rey performs onstage during day 3 of the 2014 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 13, 2014 in Indio, California. Getty Images for . The foul pop icon has, to be fair, worn dresses made of raw


  1. We consent a lot about “looking rich.” Many of us want the things that imply that we’re wealthy. And rejection only makes us more desperate to get “the look” when aspiring to affluence. Recently, I read about a examination coming out soon in the Journal of Consumer Research (h/t Jim Wang at Microblogger). Ac ...
  2. Friday: After locale my alarm quite early (although not as early as theirs) I took a fast shower and headed to the airport with the cupcakes that I bought as a surprise. My blondies would land at 9.15 and just as I came walking up to the opening the information said they landed already. Not even 30 mi ...
  3. Overhead: Shirt by MILK Shirts, Sun Glasses and Watch by Triwa, Bag by Gel Jamlang via Society6, Shoes by Riviera, Love Mumbai Books via Bungalow Eight Bombay After arriving in Mumbai’s mythical new Terminal 2 Airport for a long three day weekend… I knew that any fears I had for visiting India for the ...
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