Balancing: Leatherotics 1811 vs Budget Ebay Corset

A twofold-review for you. Getting up close and personal with the Leatherotics 1811 satin underbust corset and an anonymously made satin corset ordered from Ch.

Questions & answers

  1. says:
    where can i buy cheap trusted corsets?
    i've looked in every way some online stores, but since im a 36-38D the ones they have for my size are ugly. Also how do i know what size i am on waist &...
    Kassandra says: These two vendors have plumb nice corsets, and affordable prices. Bought from both, and was very satisfied with the purchase. You do not need to be concerned about your bra size. It should not matter when choosing an...
  2. Sara Sara says:
    Where can I buy a cheap (preferably goth) corset?
    I'm working in a haunted outfit and I'd like a corset for my costume, but I don't want to pay $50 at hot topic for something I'll only wear a few...
    Irena says:
    Look on: There are "authentic corsets" as undergarment and "fashion's corsets" as outer wear. The "fashion's corset" is intended only to light enclasping of the body. This corset can reduce waist size about 1 - 2". The "authoritative corset" can...
  3. quinada A quinada A says:
    where in philadelphia can i buy cheap corsets?
    LadyDreamon says:
    When it comes to corsetry you exceptionally get what you pay for. Are you looking for something to actually cinch your waist in, or just something to look sexy? If you just want something to look sexy H&M has very cheap lingerie (and often corsalettes, which is the meet name for...

Company Anxiety: Why The Closure of Kim's Video Marks the End of the Hipster Era - The FADER

This was back in the day when a ginormous emporium of film and music like Kim’s was still a profitable business proposition (there were four of them in New York back then—now there’s only one), and when the people at Kim’s had a city-wide standing... It was my first taste of having to prove myself as an intellectual equal in a male-dominated milieu, and while I now take pity on the boy in me who wanted so badly to win their approval, I don’t think I’d be doing what I do. The first summer I worked there I was the only female among six or seven male clerks ranging in age from twenty-one to thirty. I was timorous of the people who worked at Kim’s, and I never would have become one of them myself if it weren’t for my mother. When I was 17, in 2003, I landed a summer job working on the third perplex of Mondo Kim’s on Saint Marks place. I guess she just thought that it was time that I got a job. She straight-up asked them if they would hire me one day while there to inquire about some obscure French corset big she was looking for. All of them were a whole lot more knowledgeable about movies and music than me, and one of the older, senior clerks had a reputation for making every single betrothed who worked there previously cry by making fun of their taste in movies. Before I started working there, from the age of 14 or 15, I used to try to eat cheaply all week so that I could go in there on Friday with whatever boodle I had saved up and buy a CD. Part of the Kim’s experience, which myself and thousands of... I didn’t want to be that girl, so I did my best to keep up with him and everybody else there, staying up as till as I could each night watching movies from the Employee Picks section and memorizing the entire catalogs of auteurs like Chris Marker...

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    Mills, of Hurst, was one of 10 finalists and nearly 1,500 entrants in a nationalist contest put on by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin. Per the rules, Mills' dress was made by hand using only toilet paper, tape, Mills laced the back up like a corset
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    She let me do a photo offshoot in a corset and glitter heels and some antique minks because those things are fabulous and I never get to wear them. She made me feel free posing It was cheap glitter about a tough polish and thrift store finds. It was wearing
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    Though Cleghorn and Bourne instinctively had more experience with the drag king aspect, an audience member chimed in on how drag queens will often stuff bras or wear underwear one measure assess too small in order to simulate the female body. Where packing the
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  1. I'm addicted... lalalala Luna Sanguinem A aroma of dreams and portents, strange omens, and palpable mystery. The blood moon passing through the earth’s shadow: mugwort, moonwort, and black lotus reddened by pimento, smoked carnation, red musk, and red rose petals, all shadowed by tobacco arbitrary, b ...
  2. I got a double of “Victorian Secrets” yesterday – In short, the book is about a woman who got a corset for her 29th birthday and decided she would wear corsets and Victorian clothing 24/7 after wearing it a couple of times. It’s an unshortened audio version and I’ve had it on in the background while do ...
  3. This is presumably a post that most men will not want to read and I totally understand if you leave this post right now and look for something more stereotypically sports related. I absolve you of any remorse you may feel in that regard. John and Angelika, May 3, 1986. Aren’t we adorable? Okay. My husba ...
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