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  1. Hey Darlin' :] Hey Darlin' :] says:
    Where can I buy CHEAP cunning dress up clothes...?
    I call for clothes like blazers, dress up pants, vests, cute dresses and heels, etc. and I don't want to spend THAT much on these things, but if it's...
    Uncle GaGa says:
    http://www.forever21.com http://www.hottopic.com http://www.ebsilk.com/wholesale-Womens-Clothing_c12,195.html http://www.urbanoutfitters.com http://www.boohoo.com/ http://www.modcloth.com/ http://rue21.com/ http://www.charlotterusse.com http://www.urbanog.com/ http://www.asos.com
  2. ♥evita♥ ♥evita♥ says:
    Is it deteriorate to buy cheap cloths?
    Hi! I am virtually 25 years old college student, and I don't really care about fashions and other material stuff. I like to dress up nice and simple...
    Sur La Mer says:
    Buying CHEAP clothes is the primary way to GOING GREEN. There is nothing wrong about recycling. If we did that, there wouldn't be a lot of trash out there! I find nice clothes and turn them in fabric flower hair clips & pins and use them to boost Cancer Research. I also...
  3. MeiY MeiY says:
    Where can i buy 9 cheap purple cocktail dresses?
    I am having my introduction soon (In a year). My color theme is purple and i need help finding dresses for the 9 girls in my cotillion court. i found a...
    :P says:
    I've been to the philippines, and commit me, the clothes are FREAKING CHEAP! So, its best to buy them there. In the markets, they sell alot of clothing for a really really cheap price

4 Ways to Look Question-Ready as an Intern - U.S. News & World Report (blog)

You can also look at the “Employment” section of desired employers’ websites. Shoe polish. Take a moment to review your style in the mirror. Like it or not, stylish, highly-groomed hair is often one of the first things an interviewer notices. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' 2013 Schoolchild Survey, graduates who worked as interns are paid more in their first career position. Completing an internship (or two) is one of the most powerful tools for deplaning an ideal career position after graduation. Hair products. Notice the notion that “you must be attractive or have been blessed with a mane of perfect skin of one's teeth” hasn't been mentioned. But to land an interesting and informative internship, you need to look ready to be hired. Your shoes are always visible, so humour sure they paint a professional image. Also look at your heels to check for excessive wear. Think the polished shoe is a affair of the past. Hair that works on campus is often wildly different from hair that works in the business world. What you're targeting is that you have small amount through a hair style that is respectful, took some attention and is on trend for the environment where you're interviewing. Synthetic materials are more difficult – but a Sharpie in a complementary color can cover up a scratch in a pinch if actual polish isn't accessible. Or maybe you never even knew that people shined their shoes. Unblemished shoes parade attention to detail. Shoes are often one of the few ways men in particular might distinguish themselves from a sea of other dark suits. Does your hair say, “I have thought through this stylishness and spent time on achieving it". Or, "I look like I could walk into a meeting with a typical client of my target employer and he would be impressed with what he saw”. Pick out the style carefully and make sure you clean and polish your shoes before any meetings. Invest in these four tools to increase your chances of looking the surrender and landing the internship. If you're unsure of what is on trend, attend an on-campus job fair to see what the company representatives are wearing. Most men’s and women’s shoes can be re-heeled or have.

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  1. Where to buy dainty (and cheap!) plus-size clothing
    Department store for plus-sized dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and intimates with frocks starting around $50 and shirts even lower. ASOS Curve ASOS' benefit-size offerings can be found at ASOS Curve, where the shopping experience is super easy and streamlined.
  2. How to Conclude Buying Clothes You Never Wear
    We all do it—buy clothes that we abrade once or twice and then relegate them to the backs of our closets. It's a bad use of money and an organizational mess. But with some forethought and self-control, you can stop wasting notes and start buying clothes


  1. So this is me done with a photo of myself wearing a (partly) Me-Made-Outfit (and hoping to be much more relaxed being photographed in the future). This was actually the first dress I made during a workshop at the Etsy Labs in Berlin, the workshop was held by Sarah from Stoffe Meyer back in 2011. ...
  2. We don’t use our fa door…or the doorbell attached to it. Never really have and we’ve been here 24 years. You readers will understand, then, how a simple ring-a-ding-ding of that bell can send us (me) into spasms. Who could be coming boldly to our face door expecting to be let in? Must be a sales ...
  3. All reason, I am going to try and post a bit more, especially about my weight loss (I've lost 21 pounds!), thrifting, and outfits of the day. The other day, my sister and I did Zumba, went to lunch, and went thrifting. The carry was great, as always…and this time, I shopped smartly! I vowed to not go ...
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