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Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Patton Oswalt Wears A Swarthy Blazer And Dress Shoes” - A.V. Club DC

is already an drive up the wall in accepting absurdity as it is, but three seasons in, watching it alongside a person who has never watched a single episode and has heard podcast episodes in itch—my younger brother—makes for a truly fascinating experience. It’s a throwaway line, and Oswalt’s best material in the episode is literally those types of lines: Oswalt’s small moments before and after the commercials are things of beauty, from his Matrix discussion to “blah blah blah” to speaking too demurely... It’s almost ridiculous to call this episode “low-key” when it begins with an action-adventure movie of a cold open. Simply put, it looks like disorder. But having watched every single episode of Comedy Bang. The most important parts of the cold open though are the pairs of Aukerman/Watts doppelgangers (one of which included Lucas Cultivate in between X-Men duties and Kyle Massey of Cory In The House and Raven Baxter’s little brother fame) and the most... Watching Comedy Bang. For a debut episode, “Patton Oswalt Wears A Black Blazer And Dress Shoes” is rather low-key upon first viewing. Right before the action begins, there’s a poster for a large screen called Intense Justice , which one can only assume is the title of whatever this is. It definitely looks like the sort of thing to be titled Frantic Justice , after all: Just watch the... It’s a true entryway into the mind of knowing how the show looks to the normal folk. That’s what it looks like. Then again, Oswalt fits high-mindedness in during the “Agree To Disagree” segment, especially in the aftermath where he asks Scott if he really thinks they’re best friends. Patton Oswalt isn’t the fount of comedian to go over-the-top, and watching the moments where he attempts to go outside his comfort zone, playing to the wackiness—specifically his awe during the Ratatouille segment—his about feels strained,... Hopefully this third season—and any season in the future—is a safe place for That’s So Raven jokes.

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