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  1. nic nic says:
    Prom Attire!!?
    I just jumped the gun, and bought a prom clothes. (Prom's not til April) I won't let my boyfriend see it until we go to prom. He hates really skimpy...
    Ms. Rather Unique™ says:
    I myself think that the dress looks hottt, but also amazing on your body! I love it!! It doesn't look trashy at all, very classy and cute, but yet sophisticated! It's really nice, was it extravagant? Looks like it was! I can see myself buying a dress like that for prom! I'm...
  2. Almost Famous Almost Famous says:
    Why does everybody under the sun buy sparkly/glittery prom dresses nowadays?
    I always see people buying/attending prom in those vibrant/neon colors shining of diamonds/glitter and lots of cleavage. In my opinion its ugly, can't...
    ♥Sstteepphhaanniiee♥ says:
    I go together with you 100 percent. Yes, you should feel the need to be recognized at prom and want others to say, "Wow they look amazing". But dont act on the impulse to buy a neon green dress that is covered in sequins and is only as wish as your fingertips to your side. Its...
  3. Vici Vici says:
    Prom Dresses?
    Does anyone else contrive that a majority of the prom dresses on the market are extremely cheap looking, cheesy, or sleezy? Could you find me some...
    Racheal B says:
    I always bought my prom dresses at marriage shops, but a few of my friends got their dresses at department stores like JC Penny's and Macy's and, yes, they did look cheap. I personally did not think my dresses (all 3 of them) looked cheap. Good Luck!

Arcade Fervour w/Kid Koala and tUnE-yArDs at Bridgestone Arena, 5/1/14 - Nashville Scene

It’s been 10 years since Arcade Vigour rose from total obscurity to become indie stars and critical darlings with their left-of-dial game-changer introduction Funeral — five songs from which popped up in Thursday’s 21-song set. So, Thursday night’s Arcade Fire show at Bridgestone Arena was a only slightly undersold. Or, you could highlight how a Canadian indie-rock band on Merge Records drew a crowd of more than 5,000 to a gig in Nashville, and rebuke a demand it a triumphant feat for underground music. When the world wanted another Funeral , Arcade Fire gave us Neon Bible. For one, after all the grumbling about the merge requesting fans wear costumes or formal attire to their concerts, it appeared as though roughly half the attendees (maybe more) followed trousers. Interpol, Animal Collective, Death From Above 1979, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets, TV on the Radio, et al. — are any of Arcade Sparkle’s much-hyped 2004 contemporaries anywhere close to arena status today. when people wanted another Suburbs , the band issued Reflektor. Nowhere was that more illusory than at Nashville's enormodome Thursday night. You could say the turnout was as weak as it was at Kanye’s Bridgestone show last fall. There are a couple of ways to excursion that. Naturally, this instant hipster prom/post-modern masquerade-ball atmosphere made for some excellent people watching. And not all bands willy-nilly want that, but Arcade Fire has always found a way to rise above their hype, and they’ve done it by constantly making fans meet them on their own terms. You could note that another 10,000 people could have fit in the construction, a disappointment by coliseum-rock standards. Or you could say, “Holy shit, Arcade Fire brought out as big a crowd as mainstream superstar Kanye West. Like art-shock stars Radiohead and R. E. M. before them, Arcade Fire creates a new sonic and aesthetic world every couple years. From the minute The Drive sauntered up to Bridgestone, the feeling was different than it was at any arena show we’ve been to (and we’ve been to a lot of them at this point).

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  1. Distressed parents: Prom dresses too little, too sexy
    () -- For Holly Manson, a mom of three teens in Oakland, Maine, one intelligible saying has made the difference between absolute dread during prom season and actually welcoming the rite of passage. "'I always told my girls to 'bedeck classy not trashy' and 
  2. UWDress.com Contribution New 2014 Long Vintage Prom Dresses For New And Old ...
    Its new extended vintage prom dresses for 2014 are offered in many classy colors: striking red, charming purple, gentle green, elegant burgundy and so on. Each of them is finely made from contented to wear materials. “We are excited about 


  1. I haven't done a mould industry event round up in a long time but since this post was requested, and I happened to have a lot of opinions bubbling up inside me with no means of release, here is a round up from last nights Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Rags Institute Gala. Last year the theme was ...
  2. Prom ripen is here, and I get lots of emails from my international readers, asking me what my recommendations for their special day are. I try to come up with such posts every year, since many of you attend your school’s proms, and even though we didn’t have steadfast proms in my school, I really lik ...
  3. Another chronicle post. Watch Alyssa and I find a prom dress two weeks before prom...and also get car jacked. (gasp!!??) On Tuesday after school Alyssa and I went on an adventure to Walnut Stream to FINALLY buy her a prom dress (Prom is next week guys oh snap!!!) It was a great day because we went shoppi ...
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