Susan Fragrant Talks white chiffon fascinator

Masterly for weddings, cocktail hour, garden parties. It's not feathers, it is white chiffon on a velvet-wrapped pipecleaner frame.

Questions & answers

  1. Weirdo. Weirdo. says:
    Where can i buy a lovely little vintage cocktail hat?
    I dont want an enrich one. And its not for a wedding or anything. I just was a kind of plain, cute casual one. I saw on in urban outfitters and...
    Joe says:
    You can buy it from Hope this helps Good luck!
  2. ramona ramona says:
    How to simple a feathered cocktail hat?
    I have a Non-Standard real old hat that's made from brightly colored feathers, with a velvety band in the front and some netting. It was in great condition...
    Julie says:
    I would lightly nail-brush the feathers until they are back in shape, for the velvet, rub it gently toward the nap and then against the nap and back again, this will restore the texture of the velvet. If necessary you may have to carefully steam the velvet. You can also take it...
  3. against racism against racism says:
    What species of material do I need to create a cocktail hat or elegant hair accesories?
    I am stressful to make elegant hair accesories maybe cocktail hats, what do I need for it? What kind of fabric or glue?
    Alexa Socialite says:
    Go to Sideline Lobby. They actually have pre-made materials already there, and you just go and add the pieces together. A hot glue gun is a must. You also might need to use straw for the hat (that's why it would be easier to buy a pre-made, plain one). You can also make perfect...

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cocktail florodora
1 1/2 oz gin* The extract of one small lime or about 3/4 to 1 oz 2 tsp raspberry syrup** Ginger ale Mix the first three ingredients and add to a tall glass half filled with shaved or crushed ice. Top up with ginger ale...
Photo by nadja.robot on Flickr

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from Beachbum Berry's Remixed: A Gallery of Tiki Drinks hardened Smith & Cross instead of "Myers's Palantation rum (is that the regular Myers's or some something else?) and Cruzan in embarrass of the Cuban rum. Also...
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