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Tiro students finding their way in Willmar - West Central Tribune

“Don’t yell at me, please,” she said. “In their language they already do know some of these things,” Schultz said, but they need to learn how to do it in English. She used students’ names usually as she spoke with them, and she also sprinkled in some nicknames as she circulated around the room, calling students “Honeybun,” “Sweetie” and “Honey. As she spoke about the rank assignment, teacher Cathy Nilles peppered her instructions with phrases like “Look at me,” and “Shh, we’re talking too much. She returned to her love of the students, their diversion and thirst for knowledge. Her greatest challenge at times is to deal with students with such varied needs, she said. English Learner Coordinator Jenni Gunga has. Students in the classroom said they like Nilles and value she’s a good teacher. They were younger, and the room wasn’t nearly as quiet. “Raise your hand. Learning English is hard, though, some said. In some cases, they’ve not attended school before. Dealing with the influx in recent years has presented challenges for the district. Those students were adding columns of numbers after designing the value of coins pictured on a worksheet. The math abilities in the classroom may range from the first-grade level on up. Some need more study and review than others. In most cases, students who are classified as newcomers are new to the United States and arrive knowing almost no English. When Nilles asked questions, a few students raised their hands, while numerous just blurted out their answers. Classrooms like these are home to a growing number of newcomers in Willmar. After class, Nilles and Schultz said they possess have a good time working with the students who are newcomers to Willmar’s schools. By coincidence, a larger group of English Learner students at Willmar Halfway point School were learning math with coins on the same day. What some people might see as disruption in class Nilles sees quite differently. “One of their greatest strengths is their pastime,” she said. Schultz said it’s rewarding to see how quickly his students catch on, and he enjoys watching them advance. “I can see where my teaching paid off,” she said.

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Energie jeans sneakers. "Deference Your Father" Prendono aria dopo 12 e più anni di scarpiera.
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Converse "Jack Purcell"
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