30DoC #9 - My Favourite Purchased Corset? (Slideshow)

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Questions & answers

  1. Cici Cici says:
    Where to buy corset tops?
    i'm wondering where to decide nice corset-style tops. not the actual corsets that you wear underneath your clothes, i'm talking about the outerwear...
    kimmi09 says:
    corset tops are wonderful cute! i would suggest looking at charlotte russe, wet seal, forever 21, tj max, and a'gaci. even jc penny or kohls. best wishes! :)
  2. metro station beezies metro station beezies says:
    were do i buy corset tops?
    i fundamental to buy a corset top that is not expensive maybe $20 or less i need a plaid one so if anyone knows were i can get one plz tell me thank you
    creepy:) says:
    you won't lay one's hands on a corset less than $20, that's for sure. but you can go to hottopic.com or http://www.glimpse.com/apparel/detail-skulls-and-plaid-corset or...
  3. fried_tc fried_tc says:
    Does anyone be acquainted with where I can buy corset tops online?
    Not re-enactment corsets and not personal apparel. I'm talking about the corests you can wear as nice/dressy tops/over a shirt. I've looked at...
    Heidi says:
    http://www.forever21.com/offering.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=casual+tops&product%5Fid=2039645709&showBACK=OK http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&variety%5Fname=casual+tops&product%5Fid=2033026461&showBACK=OK...

Way of life Anxiety: Why The Closure of Kim's Video Marks the End of the Hipster Era - The FADER

Before I started working there, from the age of 14 or 15, I habituated to to try to eat cheaply all week so that I could go in there on Friday with whatever money I had saved up and buy a CD. Part of the Kim’s experience, which myself and thousands of... All of them were a whole lot more knowledgeable about movies and music than me, and one of the older, elder clerks had a reputation for making every single girl who worked there previously cry by making fun of their taste in movies. I guess she just bit that it was time that I got a job. I didn’t want to be that girl, so I did my best to keep up with him and everybody else there, staying up as late as I could each night watching movies from the Staff member Picks section and memorizing the entire catalogs of auteurs like Chris Marker... It was my first taste of having to sustain myself as an intellectual equal in a male-dominated milieu, and while I now take pity on the teenager in me who wanted so badly to win their approval, I don’t think I’d be doing what I do. She accurate-up asked them if they would hire me one day while there to inquire about some obscure French corset movie she was looking for. When I was 17, in 2003, I landed a summer job working on the third surprise of Mondo Kim’s on Saint Marks place. I was afraid of the people who worked at Kim’s, and I never would have become one of them myself if it weren’t for my mother. This was back in the day when a massive emporium of cloud and music like Kim’s was still a profitable business proposition (there were four of them in New York back then—now there’s only one), and when the people at Kim’s had a city-wide reputation... The blue ribbon summer I worked there I was the only female among six or seven male clerks ranging in age from twenty-one to thirty.

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  1. What if Chanel had not existed?
    It was characterised by costly flowing dresses, mutton sleeves (picture a sheep's leg in winter), corseted cinched waists and large extravagant hats that needed a chock-full entourage to assemble with fake hair, industrial strength hairpins and worse
  2. The rage FYI: Orr's Jewelers hosting Watchfair and Stephen Webster trunk show
    There will be more than 1,000 Swiss timepieces for jumble sale. During the Miller, a senior at Union City Area High School, Erie County, also earned $3,000 to study in the school's construct program for being tops in the fashion marketing & merchandising
  3. The Stir Allison Williams' Wedding ceremony Dress Look Isn't One We Should Copy (PHOTO)
    Alternative, that corset top with its wide-straps give this dress a pretty, vintage appeal. And third, Allison's simple hair and jewelry were a wise affect and make her look even more angelic. Her instincts are almost always spot-on. With all those
  4. SWEPT AWAY IN DISNEY Bewitching
    While she has to maneuver in the course hallways with tentacles in hand, the costume is fun and flashy with a corset top made of reflective black leather and a shiny purple back, she said. For Gleich, who has worked with the artistic tandem join up before, said the
  5. North Texas lady-love makes high-fashion wedding dress out of … toilet paper
    Mills, of Hurst, was one of 10 finalists and nearly 1,500 entrants in a citizen contest put on by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin. Per the rules, Mills' dress was made by hand using only toilet paper, strap, glue and a needle and thread. Mills came in


  1. Hey peeps, tomorrow is Monday again. :( Deprivation I say more? Ugh. And I STILL have eight exams left and feel bad because I thought I’d be able to finish them today. But oh well. But, I have been feeling a little guilty too because Enchantment started and it is an awesome consequence, yet I have not blogged fo ...
  2. I found a overnight bag full of brand that I have neither seen nor worn for over a year, so I figure it's probably time to get rid of it. I've priced everything super low because I'm just eager to get rid of it. Please be sure to read my terms at the keister before commenting :) Feedback Angelic Pretty Mo ...
  3. Hello^^ I sure to do a tag today . I'm usually not so big on tags but I really liked this one so why not! I got it from Floor's blog and it was originally in dutch but I translated it because I like English more then my native language. Fun fact: I also did an super English exam and now I can off ...
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