30DoC #9 - My Ideal Purchased Corset? (Slideshow)

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  1. says:
    Where To Buy True Corsets?
    Hey! I am wondering if anyone recognize a place to buy real corsets? I have seen some sites, but I do not want to pay more than $100. Are there any...
    Irena says:
    Hi, you can buy the corset in some research or e-shop. You can look for some corsets on: http://www.corset-story.com/ The corset cost is > 30USD. The excellent made corsets are always rather expensive. Or use google and type your key words to look up links for some corsets shops....
  2. Nadia Nadia says:
    should I buy this corset? *pics*?
    so, Im looking to buy a corset and don't wanna pay a for the most part lot, but I still want a good corset. I wanted it for posture fixing and back pain and...
    Kassandra says:
    Corset Article is a good place to buy a first non-expensive corset. I have 4 corsets from them, 2 underbusts and 2 overbusts and I like them a lot. They are firm, and I have had no problems with them, although I mainly use them in Winter, and not every day. I also have...
  3. Bewitching Blonde Bewitching Blonde says:
    Where should i buy a corset, on top of everything else online?
    Due to my odd measurements, buying a corset online is a hazard i don't want to take haha. I'm doing a speech about my favorite book, Soulless by Gail...
    Irena says:
    I believe when buying a corset online you can save your money. Look on: http://www.corset-story.com/size-chart The corsets are produced in different styles and patterns. There are "true corsets" as undergarment and "fashion's corsets" as outer wear. The "fashion's...

Review: Gugu Mbatha-Raw rises above an overstuffed pen in 'Belle' - San Jose Mercury News

In an even visitor sense, the way the film examines and exposes the attitudes of London's not-so-polite society echoes the current conversation about race swirling here the charged comments of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. But the specter of race is never far. The interplay between family ties, tear relations, marriage proposals, legal issues and social slights spends a good deal of time fighting for notice, and leaves the film fighting for its identity. The film zeros in on Dido as she makes her society debut in London while her guardian and terrific uncle, Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson), England's chief justice, weighs a landmark case about slavery. Which makes "Belle's" shortfalls all the more sad. " What it lacks is the coherence and intensity of last year's Oscar winner. It does, however, showcase Mbatha-Raw's considerable talent and should make fast the rising British actress a spot on Hollywood's radar as "12 Years" did for Lupita Nyong'o. It shows two young women as compatriots. When other families summon on the Mansfields' country estate, for example, Dido is served her meals separately, though she is. The stage for the friction is set when Dido's father (Matthew Goode), an admiral in the Kingly Navy, asks his aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Mansfield (Emily Watson), to raise his illegitimate daughter (Lauren Julien-Box as inexperienced Dido). The historical drama, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the mixed-race beauty at its core, is inspired by a 1779 painting deliberating to be the work of a well-known British portraitist. Their equality on the canvas is more striking than their beauty. "Belle" has a great deal of sureness and is cut from the same emotional cloth as the groundbreaking "12 Years a Slave. In a strange sense, "Belle," dressed up in the corsets and social conventions of Georgian England, proves a meet canvas for its mannered conversation about race. With that and other details drawn from what little is known of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Mbatha-Raw), the man Amma Asante and screenwriter Misan Sagay spin a provocative fiction out of her life.

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    Uren said although the elite in Ottawa weren't naturally royalty, it was a closed club where people had to buy shares to join and no children and few women were allowed to play. Those women who did wore floor reach gowns, with corsets - far from the 
  2. UK: New-Fashion 'Corsets' Face Old-Style Problems
    Unfamiliar buyers, cash-rich buy-to-let landlords and people getting hold of their pension pots to put into property mean the main effect of curbing mortgage availability would be to further limit the chances of unfeigned owner-occupiers. Reducing the scope
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    Each from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba, who both claim corsets helped them get their bodies back more quickly after having babies. Now, ordinary women everywhere are sharing photos of whittled waists on popular media and crediting "waist training" 
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    Helena was a epitome in white briefs, so naturally, we all rushed out to buy Calvin Klein tanks and matching undies. Frankly, the on the fashion map. Jean Paul Gaultier corsets and a lotta belabour are on full, perfect, display in fashion's favourite
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    Petits Bisous sees an run-of-the-mill of 10 couples a week visiting the store together to purchase pieces for the bedroom. In the last two months there has been a 200 per cent go up in women purchasing corsets. The boutique has also seen a 40 per cent rise in



  1. I'm addicted... lalalala Luna Sanguinem A hear about of dreams and portents, strange omens, and palpable mystery. The blood moon passing through the earth’s shadow: mugwort, moonwort, and black lotus reddened by pimento, smoked carnation, red musk, and red rose petals, all shadowed by tobacco totalitarian, b ...
  2. On Inna's urging I decided to test Ralph Pink Patterns for the month of April. (I know it's no longer April :). I have written about him on my blog before and had been wanting to try his patterns for some at all times. Enter A Year in Indie Pattens and I finally get around to trying one of his patte ...
  3. I got a transcribe of “Victorian Secrets” yesterday – In short, the book is about a woman who got a corset for her 29th birthday and decided she would wear corsets and Victorian clothing 24/7 after wearing it a couple of times. It’s an thorough audio version and I’ve had it on in the background while do ...
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One of my melodious corsets underneath a wild silver fox coat.
Photo by Christina Saint Marche on Flickr

Beginning attempt at wax corset for resin Enchanted doll
Photo by skulptress9 on Flickr