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  1. says:
    Should I buy a polyester or cotton medicate?
    So I'm looking at buying a cheaply Forever21 dress, and 1 that i looked at is 100% cotton and the other is 95% polyester, 5% elastane... here's the...
    Nautical says:
    In person, I like the look of the 2nd one better. People have mentioned that cotton might be comfier and will allow your skin to breathe more, but with the 2nd dress, the style of it is already breathable enough because of the loose, relaxed fit.
  2. Perki88 Perki88 says:
    Where can I buy silver flowing long cotton dresses for photos?
    Lidybeff says:
    Here are a few......
  3. Annalyse Annalyse says:
    where can i catch sight of casual/summer dresses for tall girls?
    im 6'1" and i can not till hell freezes over find a dress long enough to fit my length. and when i do its completely out of my budget! HELP!!!! PLEASE!
    sunshiney says:
    Maybe if you buy knee duration dresses they will be shorter on you :)[0]=tags&ga_search_inquiry=knee+length+sundress&ga_ref=related&ga_page=1&ga_facet=...

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