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  1. Amanda B Amanda B says:
    Does anyone be familiar with where you can buy just regular cotton underwear for a little girl size 18-24 months?
    Scope 2t are way too big and long.
    Sunny says:
    Goal or Wal-Mart. Gerber makes a type of underwear that has a thicker section in the middle to help in case of accidents. They are smaller then 2ts. That's all I can think of that would work. As far as I know 2t is the smaller in plumb girls underwear.
  2. Mackenzie Wallace Mackenzie Wallace says:
    How do I get rid of the yeast infection without a doctor?
    Hi, I'm only 14 years old, and I judge I might have the yeast infection in my vagina..I do NOT want to go to the doctor or tell anyone about it. I...
    Mickey says:
    Monistat- buy this at the rely on. Wear cotton underwear and eat yogurt. It may be beneficial to see a doctor if you get another yeast infection; they can prescribe an oral tablet that rids the infection.
  3. kenneth kenneth says:
    correlate with talk back to a be accountable the following question: 1.what does people really think when small size teen with 155cm height try buying underwear at the adult section ?...
    dragonfirenova IsMyMainYimTag says:
    not at any time heard of those brands...guys ive talked to like hanes cotton boxers..or for those sporty days...hanes boxer briefs...they give support like a brief and relief like least ive been told.. plus,boxer briefs are HOTT on the right guys... mmmmmmmm ;p lol i...
  4. eyesRwindows eyesRwindows says:
    What is a merit 2-year anniversary present for my husband?
    The 2-year anniversary is cotton themed. Final year for the paper theme, I bought him a book. There is not any major appliances, furniture, or...
    Skye says:
    Buy him Batman cotton underwear, and then put on clothing up as Catwoman (or try Superman underwear for him and then you dress up as Wonderwoman, which ever you think he prefers) Make it a fun kinky night by dressing up as comic heroes and villians, and play with each other. Guys sweet...

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  1. The quiet history of underwear
    To transform it, she got conservation specialists to squeeze in as much cotton wadding as they could to simulate a pregnant belly - they kept piling it in, she says, but the metal bracing of the corset kept easy to deal with it. ''The force being pushed down
  2. I Went Commando To Line Out — Here's What Happened
    I have zero qualms about flourishing braless almost anywhere, and I'm completely comfortable practicing yoga without props or a mat — so why not try it sans underwear? I'd been Going panty-less in my worn out yoga duds ($6 cotton leggings) would be ill
  3. The Most Famous American Fashion Designer
    Hawes was unconstrained about there being, when it comes to sartorial decisions, two types of women: those who can “pay enough to get exactly what they want” and those who are “at the mercy of mass production. Clockwise from top right: in 1942 with her
  4. The Stir Yeast Infections During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Halting & Treatment
    Tips for Checking: "Wearing white cotton underwear, having good sex hygiene, eating yogurt and garlic, and minimizing sugar intake are all recommended for preventing yeast infections," says Dr. Roshan. Other things that may heed yeast infections at
  5. Daily Beast How Lingerie Got Flirtatious
    There is a flash in a woman's life when she must graduate from mere underwear to lingerie—from the white cotton undershirts and briefs of girlhood to those structured, stuffed, elasticized contraptions that liberate and hold and wrangle and enhance and



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  3. Candida albicans is the critter that causes yeast infections. It’s outstanding to know that Candida is present in small quantities in the organs of healthy women. This is perfectly normal. All it takes for a full-blown infection to occur is owned by the command of natural microorganisms to skew in fav ...
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