40 Outfits in 3 minutes

It's been over a year since my end Fashion Video (wahh) so hopefully these 40+ outfits will make up for it. I was cleaning out my wardrobe (cruel.

Questions & answers

  1. Mandy Mandy says:
    Where can I buy a cute casual fit out?
    I demand a dress for an upcoming school event. It needs to be nicer but still casual. I want it short and cute. I love sparkles and i'm open to...
    Joanna says:
    Hollister has cute summery dresses that come in various styles like strapless, w/ spaghetti straps, etc. Here are some links- http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category1_10251_10201_12600_-1_12552...
  2. ♥DWW♥ ♥DWW♥ says:
    ♥Cute dresses?♥?
    Do you recall any stores that sell cute dresses? I dont mean prom dresses or really fancy ones, just casual or semi formal looking dresses. Im...
    Andrea says:
    I bought this array recently for a friend's birthday bash. I bought it because it looks simple yet elegant. I hope you like it: http://www.warehouse.co.uk/fcp/product/-/DRESSES/PLEAT-FRONT-TRAPEZE-Doctor reprimand/5200 Here are some other dresses I like: You can layer this over a long...
  3. Glenn Glenn says:
    does anyone understand where i could buy a real cute casual style dress ?
    what epitome would you suggest for me and what particular dress and what store i could buy it at ?
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:
    ur a guy named Glenn who wants a gown? hmmm....ok try forever 21 or macys. they have really cute casual dresses with fun accents like twist or crochet backs

TALKING TRENDS: Well style - Casper Star-Tribune Online

The nicest part about clothing is you can try different personas, from classy cowgirl to creative to cute and flirty. If the thought of putting a flower on your rear makes you intrude out in a cold sweat, choose a floral top or dress as well. You’ll be amazed at how fun it can be. Key trends represent the important prints and fabrics for the age that will show up in clothing, shoes and accessories. Key shapes represent the clothing styles that will be important for the season. THE BLOUSE: One of the strongest trends is the report of the button-down blouse. Think bohemian and feminine or classy cowgirl. THE FLORAL: Prints with flowers will be very incisive for spring. If your budget is tight, the smart investment is to purchase a floral top that you can continue to wear once the trend wanes. So, I undeniable to write a spring fashion trend article that a normal Wyoming woman can actually relate to and use. Striped pieces not in any way go out of style and are a worthwhile clothing investment. Pair a striped top with a crisp, white dress slack for a nautical feel that isn’t over the top. These prints are classically cissified, but head-to-toe floral -- such as a dress print -- goes in and out of fashion. THE STRIPE: You’ll see stripes playing a big role in tops and dresses this seasoned. InStyle Magazine listed the navy- and white-striped dress as a key piece in their trend analysis for spring in its March effect. SOFT AND EMBELLISHED FABRIC: Soft, flowy and sheer fabric will show up in blouses, tanks and tops. In fact, blouse tunics -- yearn blouses that extend to mid-thigh -- are the hip look to wear with skinny-legged bottoms such as leggings or jeggings -- pants that are half jean and half legging. I embolden you to get out of your clothing box this spring and try at least one new trend. We’ve all read clothing trend reviews that left us more frustrated than informed. Don’t be surprised to see jeans, crop pants, flowing pants and shorts in stout floral prints. If you can’t see yourself wearing the latest trends, then there is little point in knowing what they are.
Source: trib.com

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  1. As per ordinary, there is lots of catching up to do and very little time with which to do it. The spring time holidays have come and gone and we are exactly one month and three days away from the last day of kindergarten. That seems damn near impossible to fathom. So, in a rambling dump of photos, welcome ...
  2. My third Stitch Fix arrived yesterday! Though I ardour Stitch Fix as a concept and I have enjoyed the experience, to be honest I was a little disappointed with this Fix overall. I’ll explain below… But first, the experience: I have never had a problem with my Fixes being delivered and they’ve always c ...
  3. Hey guys, Over the rearmost month or so, I've placed a few online clothing orders on dresses and jumpsuits that I thought looked perfect through my computer screen. It wasn't the case in most instances, and several pieces were returned. I conscious it can be difficult to order online without knowing exactly ...
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