30DoC #9 - My Chosen Purchased Corset? (Slideshow)

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Questions & answers

  1. Cici Cici says:
    Where to buy corset tops?
    i'm wondering where to discover to be nice corset-style tops. not the actual corsets that you wear underneath your clothes, i'm talking about the outerwear...
    kimmi09 says:
    corset tops are wonderful cute! i would suggest looking at charlotte russe, wet seal, forever 21, tj max, and a'gaci. even jc penny or kohls. best wishes! :)
  2. Luvpink Luvpink says:
    Where can you buy cute lingerie at? Corset pattern.?
    StacyK says:
    Here are some links to corset tops: http://www.fredericks.com/sector.asp?catalog%5Fname=Holiday2002&category%5Fname=Corsets&Page=1...
  3. tiffy tiffy says:
    where can i acquire a cute girly corset top to wear out?
    i just bought a cute one from: http://www.popfashionmall.com/issue/category/Ed-Hardy-Skirts-0-5-54-2.html?af=1 $21, so cute and good quality and appearance, you can try to find, hope help.

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Look into warmer weather with our oh-so-cute Amelia Halter Top! Created in an electrifying blue hue, this corset-style crochet halter has a decorative bodice made from gracefully arranged item, picot, and bobble...
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Same lady from an earlier photo but this antiquated by herself. To my warped sensibilities, anachronistic costumes don't look right unless they have some kind of black & white or tint added to it. So I did both to this...
Photo by greyloch on Flickr