DIY: How to cut/represent Daisy Dukes shorts?

Hey everybody heres a quick tutorial on how to make daisy dukes.

Questions & answers

  1. Kayla Kayla says:
    Boyfriend shorts or daisy dukes?
    I just bought a match up of jeans from a thrift store and I'm am debating between the two.
    Drue says:
    Daisy Dukes are NOT in opulence they were a few years ago, but not nearly now. I think boyfriend shorts are cute and a little bit different from your typical shorts. They will always be in style in my opinion. However it shouldn't really matter what is in style whichever one you...
  2. Something Else Something Else says:
    Where to buy daisy dukes?
    I was watching Dukes of Jeopardize and decided I wanted some cute daisy dukes. Who sells them?
    Hollister, aeropostale. Pretty much any where that sells instantly shorts. Go on the Internet and type in daisy dukes?
  3. sbelle0220 sbelle0220 says:
    Outwit place to buy cute daisy duke jean shorts??
    ♥Lynsie♥ says:
    Erect 'em yourself...That's how they're done...Cut a pair of old jeans super short...Not REALLY short.. ^ Those are the REAL Daisy dukes...

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  1. Jessica Simpson Shows Off Erotic Daisy Duke Legs After Two kids
    The 33-year-old was spotted flying into LAX after attending the Caucasian House Correspondence Ball wearing black shorts, showing off her toned legs. She hasn't looked this good since filming the Dukes of Hazzard with her Daisy Duke hastily-shorts. Around
  2. Daily Mail Rihanna goes from Daisy Dukes to red leather thigh-highs on LA jaunt
    Va-va-voom! The 26-year-old teamed her Daisy Dukes with a loosen-fitting white pinstripe wrap-style shirt that was rolled at the sleeves and strappy nude stilettos, accessorising with plenty of gold finery. While the star was showing more than her

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  1. Jessica Simpson Looks Meagre and Stylish In Denim On Denim Outfit By True Religion And Current Elliott: Where Can I Find
    Showing off her wonderful toned legs, the skinny 33-year-old brought back her signature Daisy Dukes, rocking True Religion's 'Joey ... Want to get the look? You can gather up her Current Elliott's bandanna print top for $198 on and similar True ...


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