Unexploded From Here: Ep 20 - Deb's Dress

With the addition of, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Bride To Be Deb Cox shows us her wedding gown which she purchased at The Good Will.

Questions & answers

  1. csjdi csjdi says:
    has anybody bought dresses from promgirl.com? if you have can you broadcast me how their service is..?
    i've recently found the promgirl.com locate and saw all their nice and cheap dresses..i want to order from them as i can but im kind of hesitating...
    Vyper says:
    I kindness it was promgirl.net, but anyway, I had a great experience with them. The dress got here about 5 days after I ordered it. Just make sure you call them 1st to make sure they have your dress in stock.
  2. :)helpyouforhelpinreturn:) :)helpyouforhelpinreturn:) says:
    purloin about prom dresses. UK?
    wheres the largest place to buy cheap but good quality prom dresses? highest at £150? can you buy sherri hill dresses under £150? what are some...
    The Soapy Cauldron says:
    Debut at Debenhams- my Stepdaughter got hers from there and it was astonishing :) Up hair because you'll be dancing and will get hot! Don't overdo the makeup, you want to look classy :) Break your shoes in well before the prom, you don't want blisters and ulcer feet! Have fun, I...
  3. says:
    Where to buy prom dresses from? (UK)?
    I recall exactly what type of prom dress I would like, but I cannot seem to find ANY good websites for prom dresses. I have been searching quite a...
    amy♥ says:
    the UK doesn't at bottom go as over the top with prom as the US does. myself, i got mine in miss selfridge for £30. i need to add something like embellishments to it but other than that it's fine. everyone at my prom is wearing a dress that isn't over the top and is under £100....

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