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  1. SLK9201 SLK9201 says:
    Where do I buy dollhouse furniture?
    I have been looking for that teeny-weeny wooden unfinished dollhouse furniture. They only had 2 little shelves at Michael's and JoAnn fabrics. I KNOW...
    Willeke says:
    While talent stores and e-bay are good, do not ignore the cheaper shops. Often the places like dollar shops, oriental trading and remainders shops sell these things too. And if you can not judge them, how about making your own? I know there is a lot of information on-line about...
  2. says:
    Cheapest locale to buy Giant Three-Story Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture?
    Where can I find a extensive deal online for Giant Three-Story Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture
    Colossus Three-Story Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture Other products by eToys Price: $79.99 In Stock. Ships from and sold by eToys. Product Description Inspire little represent homemakers with this beautifully detailed Deluxe Wooden Dollhouse. Under the red roof, you'll find six...
  3. Maggie Maggie says:
    How can i vamoose homemade Dollhouse furniture?
    also were can i get strict dolls? And were can i buy doll house furniture?
    allurablue4 says:
    I lover Dollhouses, so here are some resources you might find helpful. "Tiny Treasures: Amazing Miniatures You can Make" found on Amazon at I absolutely love that book and have used it many times...

Broadway Review: Harvey Fierstein's 'Casa Valentina' - Disparity

The whirling dervish of a essayist, who has beaucoup shows behind him and two current hits (“Kinky Boots” and “Newsies”) in play on Broadway , is proud to say (in “Torchsong Trilogy” and all over municipality) that he began his theatrical career as a drag... The inspiration for Harvey Fierstein ’s “Casa Valentina” was a discreet sanctuary in the Catskills where manful men (with wives and children and other baggage) could get their kicks in the bottled-up postwar era of the 50s by dressing up like... Fierstein vividly captures a pile of these brave pioneers with their girdles on, and a trim ensemble helmed by Joe Mantello lends them character. but for now, it’s the beginning of a spring weekend and excitement is in the air. The migrant of a first-time guest, a self-conscious young man named Jonathon (Gabriel Ebert), suggests that we might learn something about the unstoppable impulses that would embolden such a scaredy cat. In due time, it will be revealed that the homey mom-and-pop operation is close to bankruptcy. Like all summer camps, Casa Valentina is a true place but also a state of mind and, in time, will become a warm memory of happy days long gone. Mindful of the moneyed connotations of such a setting, Scott Pask has gone out of his way to design a place that looks like a real bungalow in the Catskills (with rustic furniture and slapdash decor) and a more shadowy space where people can... But the play doesn’t venture much beyond the facade of its true-life model. Fitz Patton’s soundscape carries whispers of the outdoors, and Justin Townsend’s stormy lighting design softens the lines of worry and woe on the faces of these old broads. But that doesn’t seem to have given him any special insights into the supposedly straight males in his go along with who pack up their prettiest party dresses and dash off to their private mountain paradise at the opening of the season. Casa Valentina takes its comely name from the weekend identity assumed by George (Patrick Page), the big, beefy guy with the deep baritone who owns the shabby turn to and manages it with his sainted wife, Rita (Mare Winningham, sweet of face, warm...

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  1. These Edward Hopper-Inspired Dollhouses Will Dream up You Fall In Love With The ...
    models photoshopped into them. To represent the illusion, Tuschman built dioramas, mixing standard dollhouse furniture with his own creations. These he photographed and digitally altered, inserting images of models attempt -- by him -- against a plain
  2. DIY Dollhouses
    Both Boyd and Stockwell-Braasch cast-off Pinterest to find ideas for colors, wallpapers and furniture. Boyd says she found a number of bookshelf dollhouses similar to hers, and Stockwell-Braasch says browsing projects on the prevalent site helped her find 



  1. KidKraft Amelia Dollhouse It's ever to play with favorite dolls! The Amelia Dollhouse makes a great gift for any occasion. Young girls are sure to love the colorful artwork and detailed furniture pieces. Features: -Dollhouse. -Bodily: Composite wood. -Includes 15 pieces of do... $139.99 Buy
  2. With the patio glued down, it’s nonetheless to get some greenery into the Rosedale’s yard. The other two dollhouses I’ve landscaped, the Fairfield and the puzzle house, had very colorful gardens with lots of different kinds of plants. For the Rosedale, my mom and I asseverative on a more subtle look, mostly gre ...
  3. On the weekend I flew from Melbourne to seize the Sydney Miniatures Fair. The show was great, with many talented craftspeople selling their creations, as well as lots of bargains and miniature treasures to be found. I met up with some fellow small bloggers, some of whom had stalls for the first ...
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