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I acquainted with the Shabby Chic collection from Prima. Tracy, message me with the one you would like. Dress Forms can be purchased at: http://www.

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  1. says:
    What well-disposed of dress form should I buy?
    I'm enrolling in an online opinion for dressmaking & design and will probably need a dress form for my projects (the school doesn't provide one). I...
    M says:
    I have a Twinfit dress develop that I have had for years that I love. I ordered it directly from the manufacturer. Looking online, I see that the price has gone up since I ordered mine--I think I paid $129, but with Amazon, it ships release and there's no tax. The reason you'll want...
  2. A.M. A.M. says:
    Where can I buy a laudatory dress form?
    Where could I buy a elevated dress form either used or new it doesnt really matter. I already looked at Joann's Fabric Store but their expensive. Do...
    kay says:
    The forms shown on PR are Wolfe forms, and they're up-market. Very expensive. You need to buy the size you're going to use. http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/6176/tour-the-wolf-dress-form-factory http://www.wolfform.com/ Other styles, some less up-market:...
  3. Izzy r Izzy r says:
    Where to buy Dress Making Forms?
    I was just on Jo Anns and a lot of the reviews under most of the forms were saying that the status sucked. I'm a little scared to buy off ebay....
    violet says:
    can also invent your own. http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/3659/clone-yourself-a-fitting-assistant http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/11/ask_craft_buying_a_dress_form.html In one's own view, I would buy an adjustable one. Reason is, my weight changed so can change the dials....

Review: THE Dead ringer Confirms Aoyade As A Potent, Fresh Voice - Twitch

And so people were caught a little by surprise when it became a huge buzz title from the festival that year, securing a big sale to a big company and, as buzz titles in many cases do, ultimately dividing audiences into two camps. On one side there were those -- myself very much among them -- who simply adored the film and considered it one of the most rosy debut features in quite some time from a director who clearly was well on his way to forming a fresh and distinct... A film that counts Develop from Breakers director Harmony Korine amongst its producers, former IT Crowd co-stars Chris Morris and Chris O'Dowd amongst its pick, and is -- not surprisingly at the point because we've known it for quite a long time, but... And now it can be said definitively: My side of the argument nearly Submarine was absolutely correct, those who dismissed Ayoade as an Anderson clone were wildly wrong, and what we have here is a fiercely intelligent, hugely idiosyncratic predilection... Well, Ayoade is back now with film number two, The Double. It seems fair to say that when Richard Aoyade's debut feature, Submarine , premiered at the Toronto Universal Film Festival in 2010, it caught people by surprise. Jesse Eisenberg is Simon James, the sort of man who is not only easy to think of but is the sort of man that everybody does, in fact, forget. There were few expectations on the little indie comedy from the large-haired comedian turned cicerone, no big name cast to hang hopes on, and simply not enough information available for those not already devotees of Ayoade's comedy work to comprise... The Double is simply fantastic. Two films is too soon by far to be labeling someone a master, but Ayoade stands alongside Ben Wheatley as vibrant buttress that the future of British film is both quite odd and very, very bright. On the other side were those who considered it too twee, too indebted to Wes Anderson to brave seriously, and dismissed Ayoade as just the latest example of a festival inflating the chatter around a director beyond what any 'regular' audience would...

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  1. New York Times Where Good taste Meets Eros
    The trove of archival supplies in the smaller, newly named Carl and Iris Barrel Apfel Gallery includes scrapbooks, dress forms, a few of the early hats, storyboards for an autobiography and scroll-like drudgery notes. One from the 1960s begins, “Clients
  2. Dior's Tone down, Dynamic Cruise Collection
    Not one to shun the house's French heritage, Simons tapped into the traditional Dior motif, as the silk scarf exploded into various gowns, dress forms, and bags. Ribbons of scarves wrapped round the latest Dior sport sandal, this time worn with long


  1. Hello My Darklings, I have been so bad not posting anything new, outlandish, glamour's or even interesting of late. But it was seeming like things were just boring, boring, boring. Except that Sis and I did have a fun Sunday shopping to celebrate Audrey Hepburn's birthday, and we also sent off checks t ...
  2. Beginning of all, I put a picture of Elton John at the top of this entry because I ripped off the title from one of his songs which appeared on “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Now, to the matter at hand. I was speaking to a impending client the other day when the topic of generational differences came up ...
  3. Lauren Rossi is one of my dearest friends. I can consider on one hand how many friends I would consider as close as a sister to me, and Lauren is one of them. Beyond being a striking, intelligent woman, she is also a talented designer and seamstress. Over the last year I had the incomparable opportunity to f ...
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