Coachella Lookbook 2014 | Entertainment Outfit Ideas

This is the foremost time I'm heading to Coachella so I decided to channel my inner bohemian vibe by creating 5 different outfits that would be perfect for any .

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  1. just me just me says:
    where can I buy ladies dress hats?
    I am looking to buy some unreality ladies dress hats so me and my girlfriends can go places to have dinner or events , I don't really want red,...
    Ann says:
    You can buy a craving ladies dress hats here...
  2. joeyw joeyw says:
    where to buy a pale-complexioned dress hat with blue ribbon on it and other style hats like the godfather?
    I been looking and slang find a blue and white one
    Rubber Punk Whoop says:
    I dressed up like John dillenger in days gone by, went to school and got called in to the office haha.. Got the hats at a Halloween store and the jacket at hot topic, returned it when I was done of course. Of course rocked the vest and old first tie. I killed it
  3. starlightseeker13 starlightseeker13 says:
    crumpet's mini top hats?
    hey all and sundry, i really love the 18th century where girls wore the hats with the veils, and the mini top hats with the veils especially and i'm...
    Sunshine says:
    I wanted to do this for my higher- ranking prom but my dress wouldn't work with one. Awesome idea :3 If you have a local flea market or antique fair, old hats are sold there all the time but can be pretty pricey. (My most skilfully friend's grandma gets her living off selling antique hats and...

'The Past Art of Dress' by Linda Przybyszewski - Boston Globe

others edited magazines and wrote books. Advising them were the people Linda Przybyszewski refers to as the “Dress Doctors’’ in her vividly funny new book. Its organizer, Mary Schenck Woolman, filled it with exhibits to teach women how to make clothing for their families, cheaply, efficiently, and fashionably. Woolman was one of the most strong of these women. Along with usefulness, though, the Dress Doctors promoted beauty, independence, and pride. ” Despite small differences in standpoint, most were white and middle class, and all shared an almost evangelic zeal for the virtues of dressing well. The Notre Dame account professor’s Dress Doctors were not actually a formally organized group. Some taught in classrooms and county extension programs, instructing women and girls in sewing and other familial arts. In America a century ago, it was one of the few arenas (along with child care) in which women were expected to be knowledgeable and play a role, whether as consumers or creators (on the whole both). Although she covers familiar narratives — rising. Clothing has always been about more than simply covering the body. The advice they gave American women exhorted them to recover not only the way they dressed, but the way they lived. it reflects economics, power, gender, race, art, culture, community. another was Mary Brooks Pickens of the Maiden’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences in Scranton, Pa. , who along with her husband authored articles for women’s magazines about how clothing sense turned “a ramshackle little stranger” into “the best... Largely a history of women’s attire in the first half of the 20th century and the social and aesthetic forces that shaped it, “The Fallen Art of Dress’’ also serves as a call to American women to reconsider the importance of personal fashion. Continue reading below. In an era infatuated by theories of well-ordered management, even the federal government stepped in to help women run their homes and lives as efficiently as possible. Among her tips for wartime thriftiness were “patterns to turn a woman’s skirt into a dress for a girl, a man’s shirt into a child’s dress, and long silk gloves into children’s stockings.

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  3. Hello Lovelies!!! I wait everyone is having a great week so far, if you follow me on instagram you know I chopped off my hair! I wanted something new with my hair, and I haven't had my hair short in a few years, so I undeniable to go short. I'm still getting used to it but I'm happy with the way my hai ...
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