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    Where can i buy a neon dress shirt?
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    I would like to deal a good dress shirt for the office to go with my dress pants. I am skinny and I find the typical Nautica, CK, etc. shirts to be...
    chewbaccawokka341 says:
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Overdone Island to review dress code after flap over NRA shirt - Buffalo News

Because he refused the entreat, he was given a one-day in-school suspension for insubordination, his father said. Kinney and his wife, Kim, who works for the district, and their two sons are members of the NRA. The district removed the stay from Shane’s record, Wayne Kinney said. “It’s a shirt he’s worn before,” said Shane’s father, Wayne Kinney. But the issue with Shane prompted the territory to “review and reflect” on its practices and its response to infractions of the code. Superintendent Theresa Lawrence said the district’s dress code sets out guidelines for apprentice behavior and dress as well as the district’s need for an orderly environment. Sophomore Shane Kinney probably didn’t know he was igniting a firestorm last month when he declined to utilization his T-shirt inside out after a teacher found it objectionable. Students are asked to turn the clothing inside out, change it or remove it. The district is dealing with an territory that includes lawful activities involving firearms as well as school shootings. “After review, consultation with legal counsel and authorities on the business, we recognize we were wrong in our response to a perceived violation of our dress code, and the response has been corrected,” she told residents at a School Board conference... Life at Grand Island High School is getting back to normal after a lesson on freedom of expression and school rules led the sector to re-examine its dress code. Kinney attended the School Board meeting this week and gives the superintendent praise for her statement. Distinguished Island is a community where hunting is common, and research shows 61 percent of households have at least one registered weapon, Lawrence said. Lawrence said she has comprehend every letter and email, and listened to every voicemail left at the district. The district has had a long-standing practice of prohibiting clothing depicting weapons or hallucinogenic paraphernalia, she said. But this time, Shane was told to turn the shirt inside out, and he refused. The blue shirt depicts the National Rifle Guild logo over two crossed rifles, with the words “2nd Amendment shall not be infringed.

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  2. Glamour (blog) Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst Go to the Sunless Side (in Preen and Rodarte ...
    It was also insanely unexcited to see the much-discussed gown finally make a non-runway, on-a-model appearance, and, hey, at least Kirsten adhered to the event dress code. julia-roberts-trim-darth-vader-shirt. Not to be outdone, on Tuesday, Julia dropped


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