Wrestling in colored dress socks

He didn't have much affair but was a lot of fun. Had a buddy come over and we wrestled around a bit.

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  1. jawrope jawrope says:
    For peanuts place to buy Dress Socks?
    Where can I track down a great deal online for Dress Socks
    lagjan says:
    Gold Toe Men's Metropolitan Dress Sock, 3-Packet Price: $16.00 Special Offers and Product Promotions Buy from BeltOutlet: * Get free shipping on this item when you spend $75.00 or more on Qualifying Items offered by BeltOutlet. Here's how (restrictions pay attention) Buy from...
  2. amy_27 amy_27 says:
    How do you Buy Dress Socks that Will not Decline Down?
    I recently bought new trouser socks at a shoe count on, and they fall down every 5 minutes. They are not stretched out looking. Why does this...
    Hurricane Laura Jane says:
    It's because the construction in dress socks are usually very slippery on a woman's legs (because we shave them), for men they usually don't slide around very much (because of their hairy legs). I'd suggest getting some dress socks with clear bands on the insides that assist the socks...
  3. Murdock Murdock says:
    I just bought dress socks yesterday however after two hours I understand the need to take my shoes off???
    Why are my feet ardency so irritated?? Why are my socks so wet??
    gator_trio says:
    Dress socks have a violent content of nylon or rayon instead of cotton. That causes sweating and keeps the wetness from evaporating. Find cotton socks, or even wool. You can get them in the color of dress socks and no one can tell the peculiarity. It is bad for you feet to be...

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Source: nymag.com

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  1. Fashion-conscious men prove colorful socks no longer a fad
    Oldest it was the dress shirts, then the ties, — and now colorful socks have solidified their place as a must-have in a stylish man's wardrobe. For the first time in over a decade, men's raiment sales have outpaced women's for the second year in a row
  2. Identification Hinson: How do you fight back when your clothes attack?
    The other day, on a whim at Costco, I bought a include containing three pairs of dress socks made by Cole Haan, a Chicago fashion label that makes tasteful clothes and shoes. Benefit, the socks were cheap. My wife does not call me Lt. Col. Costco for nothing.


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