ItsMFL The go Look: The Drop Waist Dress

Contain out tips on how to wear a drop waist dress in a new way. HerCastleGirl, Carcia shows off her Tibi Dress purchased at Winners.

Questions & answers

  1. Donna M Donna M says:
    Do you like this dress?
    It is a BCBGirls Dulcie Drop Waist Halter Dress..The administer for it is $40 instead of $100 now.....
    EmCee says:
    in good faith i think it looks unflattering, the middle area makes your waist look huge, you might have to be supper skinny to pull it off. But if you like it then go for it and buy, $40 is a good deal for a BCBG dress!
  2. °o.O bubbly O.o° °o.O bubbly O.o° says:
    prom dress alterations?
    i already have my prom dress- and the color i bought it in is the...
    Nurse Susan says:
    No. Dress is horrendous as is. Add: 'diamond', pearl, or sapphire earrings [ drop or chandelier if hair up; smaller if hair down ] necklace or bracelet to match blue, silver, gold, or in the nude [ skin tone ] strappy sandals
  3. Turtle Flower Turtle Flower says:
    How to portray if I'd look good in drop waist dresses?
    So I was looking online at dresses and I came across one that I extraordinarily like by a brand I really like that I usually can't afford, however, it is on...
    Sur La Mer says:
    Customer beware for sale merchandise - as is, no return (for example). How I can tell? By trying the dress on in front of a full length mirror. I also suggest when paying for online purchases, don't use Paypal, it takes just right away to be a victim. I was and it took 3 years to...

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  1. Prices Start at $50 at the Thakoon, Thakoon Appendage Sample Sale
    Highlights from the move-priced Addition line—which make up a majority of the inventory—include lightweight plaid bomber jackets for $150, black tuxedo pants for $75, and drop-waist sleeveless dresses for $125. The Thakoon accumulation is slightly
  2. Huffington Post Canada Maggie Q Met Event 2014: 'Divergent' Star Is All Drama In Zac Posen Dress
    The "Different" actress sported a Zac Posen creation, which included the designer's signature grand flair including an exaggerated drop waist, lots of poofy layers and pointy shoulders. The fabulousness didn't end there: dramaturgical cat-eye makeup, nude


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