Earl Exciting & David Dubal, 11/14/80

This program was or. Caller is pianist Earl Wild.

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  1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chicka Chicka Boom Boom says:
    Are Earl Jeans still predominant?
    C u p c a k e S p r i n k l e s says:
    Not that I be informed of.Do they even make those any more?I know after Nautica bought them out they kind of died down.I still like and wear mine. Jeans that are popular Seven For All Mankind True Religion Joe's Jeans Overwhelm N Republic Citizens of Humanity Paige Premium Denim William...
  2. Sir Hoochalot Sir Hoochalot says:
    Is there a look for which has jeans that just fit you like a glove?
    To the underscore where you just don't even think about looking elsewhere? I love Dorothy Perkins jeans (bought from eBay - much cheaper). I'm a...
    ☆ Memphis Belle ☆ says:
    I Darling Earl jeans, a little more expensive but the fit is exceptional. You want a perky, toned looking rear, then they are just the jeans for the job. Also available to purchase on Ebay, my last pair only cost 99 pence, profit postage. Edit: Of course two + hours dog walking...
  3. kelsey kelsey says:
    Types of Jeans?
    What is a lofty brand of jeans for people with small waist and big booties.
    Haley Bailey says:
    Oh Fresh Question.Here They Are. Pointer Brand Blue jeans, coveralls, denim jackets, shorts, carpenter overalls, and more. For adults and children. Made in the USA since 1913. www.pointerbrand.com Guesswork? (NYSE:GES) Lines include collections of denim and cotton clothing...

Overcast Lord Day 2014: Three Floyds tweaks the festival's new model for speed - Chicago Reader (blog)

That might whole like a slog, but thanks to the gonzo beers our fellow nerds were pouring around, the minutes flew by. Even with my hands roundish half the time, I managed to taste Russian River's wine-barreled tart brown ale with cherries, Supplication. and Immortal 's rye-barrel-aged 17 Imperial Mint Chocolate Stout. each lottery winner could buy two. Three Floyds made catholic-admission tickets available by lottery to 1,000 people in late March, about a week after group-sales tickets sold out in minutes. The toll stayed at $15 apiece. They got you into the festival, minus the guarantee of a chance to buy Dark Lord bottles—though buying one would set you back as much as I paid for a league-sales ticket (mine said $30 on the tin, but it ended up costing $41. 14 after fees and... As usual, part of the proceeds from Doleful Lord Day tickets went to charity, in this case the American Red Cross, elementary schools in the Munster area, and the Calumet Humane High society. Three Floyds insists that despite this new category, the total number of 2014 tickets didn't exceed the number sold in 2013. the attending estimate issued before the festival held steady at 8,000 to 10,000. Ergo the population waiting in line for... I'd gotten a bump off to Munster with my friend Ed Knigge (you may remember him from his long tenure in Bloodyminded ), and the two of us waited for just shy of an hour and a quarter. I'm not going to act I could get anything like a head count in my Dark Lord bottle line (Group C, for the record), but compared to the past few years, it breezed along. Not to underrate the generosity of our neighbors, but the empties heaped up against the fencing that herded us zig-zagging toward our Dark Lord bespoke the presence of innumerable painfully decadent line drinkers who'd gone before: I saw. That right there was pretty much worth the $20 we'd spent to park. The tweak that in all probability did the most to help the Dark Lord lines was the introduction of general-admission tickets.

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  1. Trade in Guide 2014: Sweets
    Since after spring, Lisa Clark's been slinging gluten-free pies, cinnamon rolls and cookies out of her hilariously sunny Barbie-doll as a gift of a storefront at Union Way, near high-dollar jeans and tchotchke shops. Forget the limited, crumbling wholesale
  2. Summer at the Festivals: A Contestants in Scotland (or England)
    But as always, there are some heartfelt treats lurking in amongst the bill, with the return of Soul II Soul, a bigger stage for CHVRCHES, DFA analogue techno trio Mill Floor, Odd Future phenom Earl Sweatshirt, and the always-excellent Slam Tent, which



  1. Crown: In Your Absence Author: evelynegrey Fandom: One Direction, RPF Pairing: Harry/Louis Rating: NC-17 Word count: 1200 Disclaimer: I certainly do not own, or understand, One Direction. Summary: A jealous heart, brimming over. Notes: This is for Lorcan - always the better man. He feels trapped, a lot. H ...
  2. It just occurred to me the other day when prosperous through my wardrobe and trying to do a heavy purge, that we always make lists of what to buy to fill up our wardrobe and make it complete. Or our lives for that matter. But why not a ‘What NOT to buy’ list? On my quick file would be the following: WHAT ...
  3. A Quarter Republican says comprehensive immigration reform is still possible this year, a positive development for John Boehner's enjoyment of Pete's Diner in 2015. Ralph Theatre is the oldest serving member of Congress and also a leader in ham-based gratitude. And the Kremlin ended high-level contact wi ...
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