DIY: Turning Old Jeans into Denim Shorts

Contemplate you enjoyed this tutorial. It's super easy and really useful if you find jeans that are too long or short but they're such a good deal you can't pass up.

Questions & answers

  1. Fluorescent Adolescent Fluorescent Adolescent says:
    Shuld I buy long or extra long jeans?
    I'm buying jeans at American Eagle. I went to to pile up and found some cute jeans but all they stock in store are regular and short. I'm 5'11" with...
    Juliette says:
    I am 5'8' and I get longs and they typically drag on the found by around an inch so I would say get one pair of extralongs and then order more just in case
  2. millenea millenea says:
    Where I buy extra long wasted jeans?
    I'm about 5'11 and its exhausting to find jeans that are long but skinny around the waist and aren't too expensive. Any help?
    LeAnne says:
    Try Rue21. I have a indeed cute pair of jeans but their like half a foot longer than I need them lol.
  3. Josephine Josephine says:
    Where can i buy extra long emaciated jeans?
    Im 5'11 & in point of fact thin. Jeans are either a good length but way too loose on me, or a good fit but too short. HELP?
    Qualen says:
    Some places will let you inoperative jeans before they have gone through the hemming process, then you can just alter them yourself (:

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    Now there is no array code, and jeans are welcome. . Kids: Well-behaved teens with long attention spans and an appreciation for fine dining. In July, Grandison will put one's feet up and Paige Unger, formerly of Michael Smith and Extra Virgin, will take over.



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