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Questions & answers

  1. ♥ƒaოouა♥ ♥ƒaოouა♥ says:
    Where Can i buy Flare Ghastly Jeans.?
    Under 30 dollars elect. and skin tight , but FLARE! please and thank you, and oh, add links!
    Massie♥ says:
    I *always* have in shtook finding nice jeans, with good quality, and that are UNDER $30. But a while ago, i found some of the best places, and I'll share my experiences with you, :] Okay so... JcPenney-Has really nice flared jeans that are coat tight-as you mentioned-and...
  2. BronzeBeauty BronzeBeauty says:
    Where can I win cute flare jeans anymore to buy?
    I've been looking near and I can't find flare jeans anywhere to buy that are actually cute :) Where can I find flare jeans? I don't wear the...
    Chrissy says:
    I don't strain skinny jeans either. All my jeans are flares. If you are willing to buy online, you can find them lots of places. If you need to go to the store for fitting, flares are harder to find. Hollister, Gap, Old Navy, Say and Delia's should all have flares in stores....
  3. Kimberly A Kimberly A says:
    Who sells womens flare jeans?
    I toughened to buy my jeans from Old Navy. They were flares by a brand called the flirt. Does anyone know what other companies might sell flare jeans...
    Chrissy says:
    Gap sells trim flare jeans called the 1969 Long & Lean. 7 for all mankind, Silver, Miss Me, Buffalos, Big Stars, Citizen, James Jeans, Joe's Jeans. Rock and Republic, Hudson, Unwavering Religion, Seven 7 and Delia's. They all make flares. I prefer Miss Me's, Silvers, Gap and Big...

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    “These are my go-to when I'm susceptibilities more romantic,” says market editor—and self-proclaimed tomboy—Becky Malinsky about the flared J Brand Love Story jeans she wore for our sprout. Knowing that they look great on her—“they sit at just the right spot
  2. Daily Mail Sofia Vergara rocks flared jeans as she strolls from top to bottom New York's Upper East Side
    The 41-year-old Up to date Family star opted for some casual denim for her day out in the Big Apple, rocking a pair of blue flared jeans. The actress did dress up her outfit with a few sophisticated additions, including a specious cream coloured tweed jacket



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gap jeans worn denim flares project365
You have served me luckily. I will mark this day as the day I parted with the comfiest jeans I ever owned. If you ever see a pair of flares like this at Gap, please let me know!! UPDATE: My staunch Kickers developed a...
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