2010 Side CNA Skill #20 Transfer From Bed to Wheelchair using a Gait Belt

Arizona Circumstances Board requirements for Transferring from bed to wheelchair using Gait Belt. For the updated version enroll at Arizona.

Questions & answers

  1. wolfchai2006 wolfchai2006 says:
    query for ppl in care profession. hoists, slings and moving and handling (uk)?
    I am a community carer and i go to a lady who has been bed secured for 12 months. she lives with her son and daughter in law. she has a pin a 1 knee...
    stargazerlilly79 says:
    Absolutely! There are profusion of hoyer lifts and stands that can be used in this situation.The sling would even be a great idea! All you need is someone who can keep the knee abducted and held straight during the shift.A stand lift would be an excellent choice too abiding...
  2. Stop Using My Name Stop Using My Name says:
    Ways to develop a makeshift seatbelt?
    I'm current to be using a manual wheelchair to get around a zoo, and I need a seatbelt for it. I don't use it often and have no seatbelt for it....
    Anna E says:
    You can go to any handicapped fund dealer and should be able to buy something called a "gait belt" It is basically a belt that is strapped around someone with mobility issues so their caregiver can help them in and out of a wheel armchair, off a toilet, etc. These should be...
  3. Ryan182 Ryan182 says:
    I'm looking at buying a new lacrosse stem on ebay, but I'm not sure if I can trust this seller. Any advice?
    The join is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gait-titanium-lacrosse-ice-handle-shaft-stick-senior-/120777582392?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1ee7a738
    Jeanbug says:
    He's got 16,000 transactions under his region, over a 99% approval rating, and a good return policy. I think he's probably OK :) The ones you got to worry about are the sellers with less than 50 or so and a low approval rating. Do you bring that this stick is shipping from...

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