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  1. Linda Linda says:
    what trust in can i buy jordans for girls?
    i have a yen for to buy some jordans but i dont know were to buy them can you help and i want them for girls/women
    Gar says:
    It would of helped if you had listed what homeland you are from so because of this I sent you a link to a US account online for girls Jordan trainers
  2. cheer athletics cheer athletics says:
    where can i buy abigail jordans?
    i indeed want a pair but i cant find any
    Marvin Valle says:
    girls can gear 'guy jordans' i personally dont see the difference. you can try online and sometimes they sell jordans or the jordans website(im pretty sure they have them) ...they usually have jordans and stuff for amazing prices belief this helps!!!
  3. says:
    tough to buy jordans on ebay(Not sure if seller is selling fake ones or not)?
    hese are the ones i craving to buy ...
    Robby says:
    Those are actual Jordans. They only came out in kids sizes, meaning they were meant for girls. Theyre called the Crimson 3s, and I think I actually saw them on for like $60. They released a few years ago but didnt do that ooze so these are one of the FEW Retro...

Review: OutKast's Coachella Reunion Resembled Jordan's '95 Resurface - Vibe

And while me and you, your mama and your cousin too refers to it as a "reunion," The Kings of Kast will inform everybody they never broke up. It was just a elongated hiatus. SEE ALSO: 15 Twitter Reactions To OutKast's Coachella Reunion. Right surface of Palm Springs, CA, OutKast touched the stage together for the first time in over a decade. Natural chemistry, with the enigmatic master Andre 3000 and his lethally lyrical charismatic partner Big Boi, was abundant as they took pictures and cracked jokes with friends Busta Rhymes and Too Knee-high to a grasshopper (who performed with Girl Talk along with... With an audience who had been on their feet for hours on end and die hard Kast fans who stayed "woke" to fastening the 11:30 PST start time, Dre and Big shot out of a cannon (figuratively, although you can't put it past the boundless duo to literally... It took a verse and a chorus for the truth to really settle in. your ass is witnessing history, and thank God that one of the all-time great groups in any genre is back. Soon after, it was a Dungeon Family reunion, with two generations of. It was one of those moments where your jubilation wrestled with disbelief. Backstage, a sparse over an hour before showtime, both members of the legendary duo indeed looked like they've never been apart. "Yo Dre, you wanna tell them a story. For hip-hop fans, there perhaps hasn't been a more anticipated concert in the last ten years than what transpired last night at the mega festival Coachella. Not only were they back, but they had background singers, a existent band, a big stage and a giant ass "box" that had screen and special FX (more on said box later). "It feels good to be alive," Andre, dressed in a trucker hat, sweatshirt and overalls, said after acknowledging the 20th anniversary of their launching LP SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik. Busta and Short were among a wide array of music luminaries such as: Diddy, Prince, LA Reid, Sir Paul McCartney, T. I. A$AP Steady and the original A$AP Ferg, the duchess herself, Fergie.

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  1. Was Drake Wearing Women's Sneakers During The Raptors Willing Yesterday?
    For the big occupation, he decided to lace up a pair of sneakers that looked a lot like a pair of Air Jordan V “Sunset” sneakers. And while it's not out of the ordinary to see Drake—or any rapper for that question—kicking it in a pair of Air Jordan kicks, it
  2. Deseret News Drugged school track: Jordan's Austin Kafentzis breaks state record in the javelin
    Other standouts Friday included Sky Witness's Conner Mantz winning the 3,200 meters with a time of 9:00.98 and Juab's Kashley Carter winning the girls anyhow at the same distance with a time of 10:49.11. For Carter, it was a rare opportunity to come north



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