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Todays video is a little bag of things I purchased last week. I posted a pic to Instagram of shopping bags and you all asked for a haul so here it is :D Its.

Questions & answers

  1. wendy wendy says:
    where do you buy shrewd gym shorts?
    show me some pics too
    Jules says:
    Just buy Soffe shorts. They have a ton of diverse colors, and they're really comfortable, and usually cost like seven bucks each so you can get a ton of different pictures.
  2. †omaso albinoni †omaso albinoni says:
    a into question on cycling shorts?
    let's just say I develop to stitch a short that don't look like lyra. maybe polyester/rayon/silk blend. and the lining of the shorts will not be at...
    John M says:
    Just buy time-honoured cycling shorts and wear gym shorts over top of them or just buy mountain bike shorts. Mountain bike shorts have a baggy outer layer. What do you need to protect your knees from ? The best thing to do is an amicable warm up and have the saddle at the correct...
  3. michgirl45 michgirl45 says:
    Gym shorts?
    where do you get women's shorts that are protracted like 4 inches above your knee. kinda like boys basketball shorts but for girls o and they have to be...
    Jasmine says:
    Basically any sports stores will have them. But stores like Object, Gap, or Old Navy often sell shorts like that. When you're shopping for the shorts, be really careful. I've seen way too many girls show way too much in gym because of how baggy their shorts were, consider...

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  1. Armed Forces Day to be significant at Lilac Mall Multiple events slated inside and ...
    Soldiers' Helpers says the most needed items in their push to help troops are T-shirts, gym shorts and boxer shorts (M to XL), white socks, sports magazines, hygiene items, flip-flops, candy (no chocolate), microwave meals (like Pop-Tarts), Slim Jims
    The annual RCHS Kids' Happiness Camp will be held at the Rhea Middle School gym, which is the old Rhea County High School gym, beginning Monday, June 2, and finishing up on Friday, June 6. The camp-ground will run from 9 a.m. until noon each day. Register at 

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  1. Hollis female pleads guilty to stealing $350,000-plus from Gold’s Gym fitness clubs
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  2. Always a option, never a chore. At least until I have to make a decision on one, then it all goes a little bit wrong. Although at the end of the day it really is more of a luxury than a total necessity. I do have a number of dresses that I could wear for inevitable this Spring/Summer and wear them I wil ...
  3. Hello, my big shot is Tiara and I'm kind of a gear junkie. Take a look in my closet and you'll see. It's full of gear from The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, and Merell. I do have random pieces like a unite of Keen sandals, Roxy hoodie and Timbuk2 gym bag. The point is it's bad, but I can't help it. I ...
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