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  1. khaozkitten khaozkitten says:
    Which are the best bib? By best I mean high-quality, soft, non itchy, wont tear after 5 minutes. Also, whats the name for the ones that you almost cant...
    Stacy Mariko says:
    hi kitten! OK i used to be a big fan of the hanes silk reflections line, they're moderately priced ($6 on sale) and are fairly durable and have a huge assortment of colors and styles. while i still do buy the hanes lines, i have since started wearing DKNY for inimitable...
  2. Awef Awef Awef Awef says:
    What are the upper crust feeling pantyhose you can buy in a pharmacy?
    Such as a walgreens, observance aid, CVS, etc. thanks!
    JC says:
    If you are buying your pantyhose from stores like Walgreens, Ceremonial Aid and CVC, you are missing out on wearing some of the more comfortable brands of pantyhose. Yes, the better brands do cost a little more but for comfort and durability shop department stores like Macy's or...
  3. CJ CJ says:
    Where do they trade in Hanes pantyhoses?
    do they retail them at wal-mart cause i don'twanna go to far of out the way to get them, but i think about trying them cause i like their deinier,...
    ange_luvscats says:
    yeah i bought some at walmart and there stirring

Sexton: Trolley questions at cement meeting highlight voter concern - Winston-Salem Journal

That’s not definitely a fiscally responsible move, even if most of the price tag could be paid with “free” money from the federal government as some profligate council members seem to reflect on. It’s a fair question, especially when you consider that seven of the eight members of the Winston-Salem City Council are all for blowing $179 million on a trolley organized whole. It’s about $157. 5 million in bonds, five separate items that city voters could decide on individually: $60. 65 million in transportation projects, $31 million in improvements for renowned safety (police and fire), $30. 85 million for recreation and... Another $17. 5 million in bonds for upgrades to the Benton Custom Center don’t require voter approval as they would be secured by the building itself. Many of those who came out Tuesday despite dire weather predictions took notes and focused on the giving and poster boards that spelled out the projects in some detail. Some of those that catch the eye include $12. 9 million in public safety money for three department stations that would decentralize patrol operations. Before another of those informational sessions Tuesday evening — this one at the Hanes Hosiery Community Center in the city’s North Block — City Manager Lee Garrity allowed that citizens who are concerned about the trolley are speaking up. He said... “I’m hoping I can find out more about our urban district government, and I hope that our tax dollars will be spent on things we really need, not streetcars,” said Alice Estes, who turned up at a joining Monday at the Polo Park Recreation Center. $4 million in recreation money to upfit Winston Lake with a branch water splash park, a lazy river and a boardwalk. What do you think of the bond proposal. And why wouldn’t the voters ask. 3 million from the transportation accumulate to renovate Union Station into a multimodal transportation center. Besides, the issue at hand isn’t about a streetcar system. That last one is captivating because it’s the historic building near Winston-Salem State that the.



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