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Questions & answers

  1. AJ AJ says:
    Ingenious tricks to stop underwear from riding up?
    I have tried multitudinous different brands and many different sizes of underwear to no avail. I am constantly picking out wedgies and I'm sick of it. Does...
    Amber S says:
    buy hanes new "wedgie relaxed" underwear. it works great!!
  2. BobbleColor BobbleColor says:
    Girlfriend bought me underwear?
    I have been living with my girlfriend for about a month now. We are both in our overdue 20's. The other day, she came home from Target and bought me...
    Maria S says:
    You're winning this too personally. And she's not turned off by your body!!!!! Actually opposite, she probably finds boxers, pretty darn hot. She's saying that she finds these particular items sexier than the antecedent to items. I think you should have an open mind about them...
  3. says:
    Where can i buy underwears?
    What is a extensive type underwear? Is hanes is thr best? Cause i wear mid rise briefs hanes. They have told me old navy are better but idk. What is...
    klzielo says:
    go for hanes briefs, they are more common-sense comfortable, and will leave you with better blood flow, than tight underwear. also old navy is just more expensive.
  4. Pork C resurrected Pork C resurrected says:
    Which variety makes the best undergarments?
    Undergarments = underwear Are they valuable?
    Rosemarie says:
    I have been buying Hanes underwear for years - quite reasonable - about $1.50 a pair (I buy them apoprox. 5 to a pack - and that costs about $6)

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  1. For Group of '14, future begins now
    Although, come to improvise of it, with a class of 808 students, not to mention their families and any other guests who may be in attendance, that could easily be a couple of thousand pairs of Hanes. Regardless of the amount of underwear I may have to
  2. What Can't Michael Jordan Palm?
    I would reckon Kimmel's subtle plug for Hanes underwear softened Jordan's anti-late night stance. As for the laugh factor, “Can Jordan Palm It?” was a naked, hilarious bit. Something about watching Jordan massaging a globe, desperately trying to find
  3. 2014 EFFIE Furnish Preview: Hanes' Undercover Color
    Deciphering: Hanes implemented an integrated campaign in order to give women a platform to do something a little taboo: broadcast the pigment of their panties. Using Twitter as the acme vehicle for dialogue, Hanes asked women across the U.S. one 
  4. (MKTW) Barefaced Announces New Leadership Team Led by Fashion Visionary ...
    As Divisional Sales Defect President for Hanes Brand Inc. from 1998 to 2007, his responsibilities included sales, marketing and merchandising aspects of the Polo Ralph Lauren men's underwear and sleepwear collections. manufacturing and codification
  5. Reward comfort for men
    As always, walk away sure you get the right size and shape to match your figure. If you're looking for go-to-styles that deliver Hanes also lets you experience premium relief through men's everyday underwear essentials – briefs. You may choose from



  1. If you dig sports and consider yourself athletic, Hanes sportswear might interest you. The sportswear includes loose-fitting clothing that can be worn during practices for nearly any sport. Hanes also makes bras that provide the support that women need while they are working out. Instead of wearing ...
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